Friday, May 31, 2013

may day, may day

Hi there! Long time, no blog. :) I really can't believe that May has basically come and gone. We've been busy finishing up the house plans (eek!) and noticeably not packing.  Yeesh.

Here's a bit of what went on around here this past month (according to my phone, at least!)...

We hit up the zoo with some friends for the first of many summer visits, I'm sure. I love this picture of the three of them. Both of the boys are nearly a full year younger than Evie, but the same size!

 We celebrated our FIVE year anniversary. Where has the time gone??

 Mother's Day with my favorite girl.

 Tiny Dancer-pants finished up her first round of ballet classes.
She made sure to ham it up and keep everyone on their toes. 

  We've had a TON of rain this spring. And who doesn't want to play in the rain now and then??

 House progress!! When I stopped by today they were putting in the trim and molding. Yay!

 She likes to lounge and read in bed, just like her mama.

 Target Dollar Spot jackpot.
Aaaaaannnnd, Baby Girl took a huge spill at Grammy's house,
onto the concrete and ended up with a major goose egg and black eyes. :(
Cue mama's tears.

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