Thursday, October 10, 2013

A fun family visit

Last week my sister, brother and sister-in-law all traveled back to our home state for a visit. So Evie and I made the trip up to hang out with everyone before Daddy came a few days later. We had such a fun time and I am so, so thankful for my girl's sweet personality at times like this. She remembers everyone, knows their faces and names, asks about them and picks up right where we left off, even when we only get to see some of my family once or twice a year. I know this is special and it could be a really tough transition, trying to make up for lost time and getting reacquainted. It makes my heart so happy to see her run to my brother or yell for one of her (many) grandparents by name and get so excited to see everyone. It makes living far away just a little bit easier.

Now on to some pics. We hit up two zoos while we were in town and had a lot of fun. We miss everyone already!

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