Monday, August 26, 2013

Antique Vanity {Lilac Row Before & After}

It suddenly dawned on us yesterday that the next two weeks are going to be crazytown. What with Vintage Market Days quickly approaching and all the prep that's involved.. family coming in and out of town.. oh and Labor Day shenanigans. And let's not forget those last 4 or 5 boxes that no one seems to want to unpack.

So since I have no pictures of our house to share, I thought I would show you guys a recent Lilac Row project- a sweet little antique vanity and stool that I made over for a friend's little girl. I love that this is an heirloom piece that she wanted to keep and use in her daughter's room.



Fresh lavender paint, white ceramic knobs and some sweet fabric on the stool breathed new life into this set. It turned out adorably and fit perfectly into this sweet girl's room.

Happy Monday!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

waving my white flag

It's not even noon yet, today, and here I am, waving my proverbial white flag.

I started the day off with so much intention and a long list of to-do's, only to be thwarted by a torrential downpour that was never even hinted at by our local meteorological gurus. They don't get paid the big bucks for nothing, right?? Sheesh.

As we waited patiently outside the grocery store for said downpour to pass, my (potty trained!) daughter squirmed around on my lap, repeatedly telling me that no, she did not have to go potty. An alarming stillness and warm sensation on my leg later, and it's official. I HAVE BEEN PEED ON. So out we go, into the rain, so I can deposit her back into her seat with a grocery bag tucked under her wet bottom for good measure. We were quite the pair, driving dejectedly back home- sopping wet, grumpy and on the verge of tears. One of us decided to suck her thumb for comfort and the other wondered why she didn't have a flask of something hidden in the car.

Back home (with absolutely zero groceries.. and did I mention friends are coming over for dinner tonight?? It might be a Bring Your Own Dinner dinner party), we hightailed it to the bath after Evie splashed around in the rain for a bit. I ignored the yelps of my poor, wet dog out back, because mama's only got two hands. Naturally, I had left him outside for our outing, because IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO RAIN. Perfect. Once my girl was clean and cozy on the couch watching Mickey Mouse Something or Other, I took a deep breath and tried to relax. Still ignoring the dog staring at me from the back door. I lit a candle, rewarmed my half cup of coffee and unloaded the dishwasher. Just as I was starting to feel my blood pressure level off, I picked up my cup to take a healthy swig and looked down to see a DEAD FLY floating in my chai.

Sweet Baby Jesus, have mercy.

And so, with that, I am giving up on today. I am refusing to venture back out for groceries until the sun comes back out, I likely won't shower and my hubby may very likely have to serve our guests cold cereal tonight.

Oh wait. We don't have any milk.

Stick a fork in me.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday {Welcome to the Neighborhood}

1 // The Cleanse // I meant to let you guys know how my little cleanse went. Overall it was fine, but I definitely didn't get an A+ from Gwenny Paltrow. The first day was fine, but let me tell you- that veggie lunch smoothie was not easy to choke down. It wasn't necessarily bad, just, well... green. Very meaty, in a veggie sort of way. It's hard to explain. And the dinner smoothie with the cayenne pepper definitely had a kick to it. It was weird. So by Day 2, I was more than happy to 'cheat' at Bible Study (which happened to meet at Panera that evening). Overall? I would really like to try and commit to a cleanse again sometime. It wasn't all that hard mentally, and I actually felt pretty full most of the time. It's just, you know... I like to EAT!

2 // Where the wild things are // Two days before we closed on our house, Evie and I stopped by, only to be greeted by a little snake in the garage. NOT my cup of tea. But since it was just us, I was all prepared to do what I had to do to get it out of our house. But as soon as I got close to it with a long stick, that thing started wiggling and shaking it's tail and flicking it's tongue. Yeah, I don't think so. Luckily, our contractor was parked down the road, so I called and asked him to help. Then, on our second night at the house, we were woken up around 1 a.m. to the sound of howling coyotes behind our house. At first I thought it was the neighborhood dogs all riled up, but soon it was very clear that that was not the case. Nope, just a pack of wild coyotes, howling away in the backyard. I could hear them running in the field from one end to the other. Also NOT my cup of tea.

3 // Two year molars // Heaven help us. I feel like Evie has been getting these things It has seriously been a solid month of angst around here and I just feel so bad for my girl. When does it end?? I haven't even seen the top two pop through yet. Oy vey.

4 // Purge // I feel like I took bags of stuff to the Goodwill while I was packing up to move, but here I am ready to do the exact same thing while I unpack. We just have so much stuff! First on my list is hubby's closet. ;) Seriously, though, seeing it all piled up in the garage, waiting to find a nook or cranny to get stuffed into in the house and then forgotten... ugh! Makes me want to just toss it all. I'm trying to go with this feeling, though, and sift through stuff while I feel the urge.

5 // Neighbors // We met a few of our neighbors last night and it was so nice! I'm really excited to meet more and get involved and get to know other families. That is one thing I'm really looking forward to here- other young families and friends to hang out with. The lady I spoke with said that all the young families a few streets over sit out on someone's driveway each night talking while the kids play. I love that. It reminds me so much of our neighborhood growing up, where we did the exact same thing.

Happy Friday!


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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

feels like home

Ahhhh... much better.

Yesterday I got a little energy back and was able to make a lot of headway in our massive pile 'o stuff in the garage. Though hubby didn't really seem to think it looked any different when he came home. Whatevs. And then on to my favorite part- pulling out all the random d├ęcor I've collected over the years to start making this house our home. I've only set out a few things and started on some vignettes- and chances are none of it will stay where it is- but it feels soooo good to do.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

checking in.


I didn't really intend to take a month-long blogging hiatus, but that's exactly what happened. Long story, short- we have (finally) MOVED! It was a long, exhausting weekend, complete with Evie and I both battling summer colds. So sleep suddenly became much more important than sifting through the mountain of boxes in our garage. :)

I'll be back soon with more! Happy Tuesday!

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