Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tiny Dancer {Eleven Months}

Our sweet girl is 11 Months already! 

Evie, you are talking up a storm lately. And not just talking- you like to do lots of screeching and yelling, too. :) Not always our favorite, but pretty funny at times. 

You still love, love to read, and we finally figured out that you've been saying "book" for some time now! Only you say "gook" or "gwack". And you say it a lot! Our girl will be a reader and so smart.

Some other words you've added: hat, eye, walk and MAMA! Yes, you said that a long, long time ago, but after about a week you stopped saying it completely. Now you say it all the time! Especially in the middle of the night when your teeth hurt or when you're tired. My girl.

You're still not walking quite yet, but you do love to walk all over the place holding our fingers or with your little push car toy. I've actually seen you take a step on an occasion or two, but we're still waiting for you to surprise us and take off across the room. 

 At the beginning of this month you started sleeping through the night! HUGE!
All was going swimmingly until we hit a rough teething patch a week or two ago. The past few days have been the worst. :( You've had a fever off and on have just not been feeling great. It makes me sad to see you not feeling well, but I admit, I do love the extra cuddles! Hopefully it will pass soon.

And I don't know if it's just because of the teething, but you have been taking looong morning naps for me! Today it was 3 hours! I think you might be having a little growth spurt, too.

You have always liked to laugh- fake and real- but recently you've taken it to a whole new level. It just cracks us up when you think something is funny and start laughing and laughing. Sometimes you'll just start laughing out of the blue and we have no idea why! You're a happy girl.

You still love to cuddle and kiss all of your toys, books, pictures, etc. I hope you always stay so sweet and loving!

I really can't believe you have been with us for nearly a year. Life has changed SO much, and I wouldn't change it for the world. Evie, you are such a light and joy in our lives and we thank Jesus for you every day!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winging It {Before & After Wingback Chairs}

Sound the alarm, people, they're done!

After much toil, tribulation... blood, sweat and tears, my Twinkie Wingbacks are finally finished and just waiting on you to come over and sit on them! They've actually been done for some time.. (story of my life, right?).. but I was hesitating on the nail head trim on the arms. Why, I don't really know. I think I was nervous that they wouldn't turn out right. But I love it! Perfect? No. But I challenge you to come to my house and find any project that I've taken on and call it perfect. :) 

A little Before & After action for you:



What do you think??

How did I do it?? HA! See above blood, sweat and tears rant! If you're thinking of taking on a similar project, I HIGHLY recommend this great tutorial. And this one. I looked all around on Pinterest for ideas for these chairs. Here's one of my first pins, from the tutorial I used by

A few more action shots:

Ooooh, shiny!

I'm SO glad to have these crossed off my list!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Bumpkin

This October we've hit up the pumpkin patch hard! Evie definitely knows what a pumpkin is now, and points out the three we have on our porch on a regular basis. She also likes to play the biggest one like  a drum. :)

A few pics:



Twins, am I right??

The best family pic we could muster.
Happy Fall!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Living Room Redesign {The Rug}

About stinking time, right??? I originally wrote this post back in MAY. You know FIVE MONTHS AGO when I first talked about our Living Room Redesign.

I'm nothing if not on top of things. Not sure why I didn't post this long ago.. I've since done a number of things in this room, that I WILL be showing you, in a some-what timely matter. :)

So, here you go. Our "new" rug, along with pictures of my dark-haired (what happened?!), not-yet-crawling, not-quite-six-months baby girl.

Ooh, our new rug. I am so excited about this!

Where's Waldo Evie?
We had a bunch of Pottery Barn gift cards and credits and rewards dollars racked up from having a baby (procreation totally pays off) and I knew I wanted to put it toward a big purchase. So a few months ago I started combing the PB website for area rugs. Honestly, I wasn't too thrilled with their selection. I missed some of the awesome geometric and modern styles they had a few seasons back. But oh well. I finally came across the Elham?? and thought we had a winner. It was only available online, so I couldn't see it in the store. Mmmeeehhh.

She came up with this model pose all on her own.

A few days later it was on sale and PB had sent me a 10% off coupon code, so I knew I had to act fast. In the end, we only ended up paying $25 total out of pocket!! Sooo happy!

Don't get used to this laying me down and walking away thing. I'm planning my crawling antics down here.

The only drawback was that it wouldn't ship for about 6 weeks, which would be mid-May. But I knew that that would give me time to clear out the room and paint, which I luckily got done in the nick of time!

Any day now you'll wake up and I'll be a blonde! 

So there you have it! Our new-ish rug. More to come, I pinky swear. :)

 Happy Weekend!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Possible Crush..

Yesterday was a big day.. 
Evie staked her claim loud and clear on our buddy Rhett.

Look, Mama, I got him!

Poor Rhett didn't know what to think.

Don't worry. When we got home we had a long, long talk about not being forward, letting the boys do the chasing, etc. A little sooner than I thought we'd have this conversation, but I'm rolling with it.

Dad? Not so much. :)

But with a pretty baby girl like this, he's going to have his hands full, I'm sure.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Friday Morning Thoughts {Tuesday Style}

1 This weekend we celebrated by Grandpa's 80th Birthday! LOTS of family and fun for all, once Evie got over the initial shock of 50 or so extended family members swarming her at once. The only downside to the whole event was when we sang Happy Birthday, then someone said "In Spanish!".. everyone started singing and my sister and I, I kid you not, started singing Feliz Cumpleanos to the tune of Happy Birthday.
Apparently NOT the correct birthday song in Spanish. We just looked at each other in shock that we'd never heard the real song before. Then started moving our lips so we didn't lose all credibility.

2. Is it just me, or has Instagram changed?? I installed an update a few weeks ago and now none of my pictures will save to my phone.. What the heck? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

3. We have family pictures coming up next week! I am SO excited. We'll finally have some pictures of the three of us. You know, for proof.

4. In reference to #3, what do we wear?? All denim.. white shirts and jeans.. our Christmas jammies??? Decisions, decisions.

5. It's possible I'm on the market for some new jeans. I've been informed that mine are looking a little saggy in the posterior. Never good. A part of me thinks I shouldn't bother, since I'll probably gain a few lbs back when I stop breastfeeding and/or eat an entire pecan pie at Thanksgiving. Also? Shopping for jeans is hard.

6. My girl is talking more and more these days. No one is surprised by this development. Her new favorite thing is to point at any and every light fixture, lamp, ceiling fan, etc and say "Yight. Hi yight. Hi yight. Yight. Yight. Yight." :)

7. Happy Belated Anniversary to my brother and sister-in-law and my bff Sarah and her hubby! Both celebrated their anniversary yesterday.

8. I'm excited to say that I've finally gotten around to making a few things on my Pinterest boards. Yesterday we had some yummy baked potato soup and I made a cute little Christmas tree decor item to sell in our booth. OH! And I made some of these twig vases for my friend's baby shower a week ago! I love how they turned out. Buuuut.. no pics. Sorry!

9. Tomorrow morning we're hitting up The Little Gym for Evie's first class! I'm super excited. I've wanted to take her there or somewhere for a Mommy and Me class forever, but the schedules never worked for us. I'll let you know how it goes!

10. A few favorite beach pics:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I've been waiting to say anything, just to make sure this was the real deal.

Evie has been sleeping ALL.NIGHT.LONG the past 4 nights.

Praise Jesus, Hallelujah, cue the choir, people, this is HUGE!

And like the little stinker that she is, she decided to kick things off right on her 10 month birthday.

Please don't tell me that your child has been sleeping through the night since they were two months old and all that jazz. I'm happy for you, really, I am. But that's not quite how things went at Casa de Evie.

Also? Since we've been back from California, she has been taking regular, looong naps every day- especially in the morning. Our cat napper has grown is no more! I am soo thankful for these new sleep developments and trying to use my nap time wisely, aka, finish up some of the 1,324 projects I have in the works. Stay tuned!

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