Saturday, October 22, 2011

Living Room Redesign {The Rug}

About stinking time, right??? I originally wrote this post back in MAY. You know FIVE MONTHS AGO when I first talked about our Living Room Redesign.

I'm nothing if not on top of things. Not sure why I didn't post this long ago.. I've since done a number of things in this room, that I WILL be showing you, in a some-what timely matter. :)

So, here you go. Our "new" rug, along with pictures of my dark-haired (what happened?!), not-yet-crawling, not-quite-six-months baby girl.

Ooh, our new rug. I am so excited about this!

Where's Waldo Evie?
We had a bunch of Pottery Barn gift cards and credits and rewards dollars racked up from having a baby (procreation totally pays off) and I knew I wanted to put it toward a big purchase. So a few months ago I started combing the PB website for area rugs. Honestly, I wasn't too thrilled with their selection. I missed some of the awesome geometric and modern styles they had a few seasons back. But oh well. I finally came across the Elham?? and thought we had a winner. It was only available online, so I couldn't see it in the store. Mmmeeehhh.

She came up with this model pose all on her own.

A few days later it was on sale and PB had sent me a 10% off coupon code, so I knew I had to act fast. In the end, we only ended up paying $25 total out of pocket!! Sooo happy!

Don't get used to this laying me down and walking away thing. I'm planning my crawling antics down here.

The only drawback was that it wouldn't ship for about 6 weeks, which would be mid-May. But I knew that that would give me time to clear out the room and paint, which I luckily got done in the nick of time!

Any day now you'll wake up and I'll be a blonde! 

So there you have it! Our new-ish rug. More to come, I pinky swear. :)

 Happy Weekend!


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