Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Possible Crush..

Yesterday was a big day.. 
Evie staked her claim loud and clear on our buddy Rhett.

Look, Mama, I got him!

Poor Rhett didn't know what to think.

Don't worry. When we got home we had a long, long talk about not being forward, letting the boys do the chasing, etc. A little sooner than I thought we'd have this conversation, but I'm rolling with it.

Dad? Not so much. :)

But with a pretty baby girl like this, he's going to have his hands full, I'm sure.


  1. So cute, and I'll allow it. We could be in-laws! Poor Rhett and his butchered haircut right before b'day pics....isn't that the way it goes?!

  2. um, this is the cutest thing ever!


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