Sunday, July 10, 2016

Stellan (7 months)

Is this the cutest baby you've seen all day, or what!?

My sweet little guy is seven months... and per usual, we are both trucking right along at a typical 3rd child rate. It's just perfect.

We have only slightly begun solids... as in, it's the last thing on mommy's list and we really need to get to it! Your few tries of baby oatmeal, banana, sweet potato and oranges have gone over so-so. You are initially really excited to see something coming toward your mouth, but then you're just not sure about the taste. I am still wanting to do more of a baby-led weaning approach, but that also requires me to be really intentional about what I am preparing. SO. It will likely be a mix of foods you can hold and some purees. Also! You have yet to sprout any teeth, so I am enjoying the gummy little grins as long as I can.

You are still just the happiest baby on the block! So content and smiley, for the most part. However, when you start to get tired or have a poopy diaper or are just over it, your screech of displeasure can be heard throughout the neighborhood. You are by far our screechiest baby. Shrill, even. Thankfully you are super cute, so that makes up for it. ;)

Aaaaand, after 7 months of sleeping in our room, we have decided to make the big move upstairs to the nursery! Cue the applause for mom and dad being able to lay in bed and watch tv again, and all the feels for my last little baby being so far away. :( But it's time. We need to start doing some sleep training and I think it will be best up in your own room. We moved Beckett into Evie's room a few weeks ago (which is crazy and fun for them), so the nursery is just waiting for our little guy. Let's all pray I'm not making 63 trips up those stairs every night to reinsert the paci.

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