Friday, September 12, 2014

welcome september

So I started this post over a week ago. Such is my life lately and the reason I rarely blog anymore! Too many other things to do be doing. And as Evie gets older, I try to spend less and less time in front of a computer screen. But I do miss blogging. Anyway…

I am ready for all things fall. Like REALLY ready. And today is definitely delivering! Windows thrown open, crisp breeze flowing in, candle lit, wearing a long sleeve shirt with coffee in hand. (Ok, coffee is always in hand, but you get the idea). LOVING it!

Evie has been doing so great at her preschool. She is always so excited to go and has a great time. She got into some trouble on the second day (!!), but I think she was just testing her boundaries and figuring it all out. I'm really thankful for her teachers, who didn't let her get away with acting out and give her some clear boundaries. It's exactly what my little independent girlie needs.

Me, on the other hand? I totally spaced what day her school actually started, and didn't realize it until the day before. Cue the scramble to gather all the things, including tracking down a rest mat that I'm quite certain will see minimal use. Oh. And I got in trouble on the first day of school:

Yes, yes I did see the emails. #momfail

Post-partum hair loss is for real. And gross. My only saving grace here is that I have enough hair on my head for 2.5 people. So no one will really notice unless they happen to see 2 or 3 long strands plastered to the back of my arm at Target. Again- gross.

We are heading to the West Coast soon for a wedding and to visit some family. We're planning to hit up Disney Land while we're there and I can't wait to see Evie's reaction. She's gonna flip!

What exactly does one wear to a beach wedding these days?? I seriously have not dressed up in soooo long. I need to update my closet in the worst way, but it's just not easy to do with the little ones. Also? I like to pretend I'm a yogi and wear my sweats most days.

Speaking of stretchy pants, I randomly read an article in InStyle recently about this trend of people wearing work-out type clothing all the time, sans the actual working out. They dubbed it athlesiure wear. I am ALL OVER THAT. I told my hubby that I wanted to just start buying and wearing athleisure type clothing all the time. He was less than thrilled.

The next Vintage Market Days event is coming up in 2 weeks! I am getting so excited, I always love these events. If you're local, I hope you'll stop by our booth, Lilac Row

Lilac Row

I made the first batch of pumpkin muffins on Monday, and by Tuesday, they were gone. I would like to blame my sticky-fingered daughter, but I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in them. Thinking today is a good day to make some more!

Have a great weekend!
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