Friday, October 29, 2010

Tiny Dancer Update

Happy Friday!

I just had my 34 week appointment this morning.. Our baby girl looks great, but is measuring a little small. Is anyone surprised?? I'm not. She's our teeny tiny girl!

Anyway the doctor is not overly concerned, but wants me to start coming in every week. Typically my weekly appointments wouldn't start until after 36 weeks. He's guessing she weighs about 4lbs 2oz right now (but we all know how accurate those estimations are- they're almost never correct!) and is measuring in the 11th percentile. That's where the potential concern comes in. Basically they get concerned when a baby is in the top or bottom 10 percent. So she's not in that zone, but pretty close.

The reason she's small has nothing to do with calories or how much I'm eating- it has to do with blood supply from the placenta. So they need to keep an eye on things to make sure the blood flow is good and on track to keep her healthy. Obviously if they see a problem with that, it's an immediate emergency, because she needs it to live! BUT, we're not worried about it right now- everything looks like it's working and flowing correctly.

So what this means is that my doctor may want to deliver me early. At like 37 weeks, depending on how things go.


I'm not at all thrilled with the idea of inducing, but of course want what's best for this precious baby! I've had some feelings lately that she would be coming early, so that's not a problem for me.. I just can't wait to meet her, I just want her to be healthy and whole and to come in His perfect timing!

So I'm asking for prayers to cover myself and this baby girl.. that she would stay inside of me for as long as she needs to, to grow big and strong.. that my body would continue to nourish and care for her the way it's intended to do so.. and that she would come on her own, at exactly the right time! Also, that we would have a safe (and short!) delivery.

Thank you!!

P.S. This little girl was in the perfect, head-down position today. :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

34 Week Bumpdate

Holy Moses, folks, we only have 6 weeks to go!!!

34 Weeks and change

Lots of growing going on this week! I feel aches and pains and pressure below decks all.the.time. And every day I come home from work and check out my belly button. I swear it gets flatter and flatter by the day. Sooo weird!

Also? The indigestion has settled in. I frankly think Tiny Dancer has squashed all of my internal organs within an inch of their life... Or it could be that I like to lay around in bed at night and eat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and milk, and my expectations of proper digestion at a horizontal level are too high. Whatever.

I think my boss is freaking out that I might have this baby at any time. Both of her kids were early- one premature at like 27 or 28 weeks (he's fine now!) and her daughter was born at 35 weeks, full term and just fine. I'm not quite so worried about it, but wouldn't be too upset if she decided to make her debut in the next few weeks!

On my lunch break yesterday I went to Baby Gap. Big mistake.
I don't know what line it is, but I just love all the little black and gray outfits they have right now for girls! I am not a frilly/giant pink bow/frou frou type girl, and my baby won't be either!

So needless to say I hit the sales rack and found some sassy little items that I can't wait to dress her in:

How cute are these??

Also, I saw this tote that I LOVE and think would be so cute as a diaper bag!
(hint hint Hubby!)

I did receive an actual diaper bag from Pottery Barn at my first shower, which is very cute, but I just can't decide if I should keep it or not. I'm not sure if I'm really the type to carry a full-on diaper bag. I like big tote bags and hobo purses anyway, so I'm thinking I may prefer to use something like this GAP bag, that I can throw everything into, including my wallet and keys.. thoughts??

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Project Central Station

This weekend has been a busy one at Casa Tiny Dancer! I set up shop at my sewing machine on Saturday and settled in for the long haul.

Here is a peek at a few of the bajillion projects I have in the works right now- in varying states of completion:

Striped Knit Blanket

This has actually been done for a while now! Can't wait to take some pics of our little girl snuggled up on this blanket!

DIY Baby Legs

I scored big time during a lunchtime trip to Target last week. They had a ton of women's knee-high socks for $2 each!
I plan to make them all into baby legs for you know who!

Knit Hats

I'm expecting her to come out with lots of hair, but it will still be cold when she arrives, and little bitty hats are a quick and satisfying project.

Beginners Quilt

This is my very first attempt at sewing a quilt! I'm pretty excited about it and am already dreaming up others I want to do down the line. I have the squares all sewn together, but still need to pick out a fabric for the backing.

Crib Bumper

It doesn't look like much.. yet. I cut out all of the pieces and sewed the piping for the bumper, so progress is being made on her bedding!

Crib Skirt

And finally.
The infamous crib skirt. I'm happy to report that she is DONE!
I'll be sharing pictures of the finished product soon! Let's just say I have been giving myself numerous pats on the back.
Also- this baby better be a girl!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stretchy Pants: Part 2

After a long day of suffering in (semi) silence yesterday, I made the executive decision last night to remove a pair of my maternity jeans from the rotation. :(
This left me sad and angsty for a number of reasons.. That number being 2.

1. I only have 2 maternity items in my entire closet.
2. I have now cut my wardrobe down by 50%.

I knew when I purchased the two pairs of jeans that one of them was a little snugger than the other. One pair is regular/boot cut fit and the other are skinnies. My very first pair of skinny jeans. So of course they're a tighter fit in general. And yesterday was the flippin straw that broke the camel's back when I couldn't even sit at my desk in reasonable comfort and the drive home from work had me laying and cavorting all over the passenger seat. There also may have been some moaning and gnashing of teeth, but the details are fuzzy.

So once we got home and I was able to peel those suckers off, baby girl and I did a quick lap around the house to George Michael's "Freedom" and then I set out to fashion myself a replacement pair.

I had already checked the Forever 21 site and they no longer have their maternity jeans for sale, so that was out.
Is anyone else but me mildly disturbed that I seem to be the new, pregnant face of Forever 21?? I should be getting paid for this.

I feel you, buddy.

You guessed it. I cut up a pair of regular jeans to refashion them into what I affectionately call "stretchies". I nearly finished them last night, but then ran out of steam at the end. They should be completed tonight!

It wasn't too difficult of a project, but I was really hoping to make it to the end with both of my original stretchies in tact. The tough part for me is that I wear jeans constantly. And I've already exhausted a long list of pros and cons to try and reason my way into wearing yoga pants to the office. Not gonna happen. Of anyone in my building, I think I could pull it off, but everyone's a little miffed at me ever since the scale in the break room mysteriously stopped working, so I need to stay on good terms with HR. I have my own theories on who stepped on that baby for the last time, but I guess I can't blame them for pointing the finger at the scale-happy pregnant gal.

So hopefully I'll be able to show you my new pair soon! I'm also planning to share a few of my recent Tiny Dancer projects, in their various states of completion. I've got a lot to do!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

33 Week Bumpdate

33 Weeks
A bathroom photo shoot, for your enjoyment.

How far along? 33Weeks (!!!)
Weight Gain: Drumroll please......... 17 lbs!!
And that was at last week's appointment, so no telling what kind of poundage I've managed to pack on in the space of 7 days.
How Big is Baby? Around 4lbs ??
Maternity Clothes? Still no. I did do some shopping while we were in Cali, but you'll be happy/alarmed/shocked to know that it was at Forever 21 (the store was 3 times the size of our local joint). Yeah, that's right. FOREVER 21. Because clearly I'm mourning the death of my youth along with my waistline in this pregnancy. But boy was I excited. And for me right now, it's all about getting a few cute items that look good with my bump and have a chance of still fitting when I'm toting baby girl around on the outside. Oh and also? They're CHEAP, which just happens to be one of my love languages.
Stretch Marks? Still no! Cue the hallelujah chorus!
Sleep: Meeeehhhhh.. not the best.
Best Moment of the Week: I'll be honest. When my doctor said he saw some hair on her teeny tiny head. These are the magic words I have been longing to hear. I just can't picture myself with a bald baby..
You betcha.
Food Cravings: Not really.
Gender: All girl.
What I Miss: Rational thought processes. And a full range of breathing abilities.
What I'm looking forward to:
Another fun shower in a few weeks! So excited!
Here's a fun one- about 5 times a day, I will let out a single, violent hiccup. Just one. Very very bizarre.
Also, my lower legs and feet have started to feel like tree stumps in the evening. Especially when we go for walks. Don't get excited- the blue haired old ladies down the street walk faster than me at this point- and yet I find a leisurely stroll somewhat taxing.. sigh.
Emotions: Oh you know- a straight roller coaster. I have been feeling a tad overwhelmed with all that I feel like I have to do before she gets here. But it comes and goes and I know I'm the only one expecting me to get everything done.

One other thing- at my appointment with my regular OB last week, he noted that Tiny Dancer was in a breech position. And then his next comment was "so we'll either have to do a c-section or she'll need to flip." To which I replied, "well let's flip her!"

I haven't mentioned it much on here, but I am all about a natural labor and delivery. And by that I mean, as drug free as possible. I'm no dummy- I signed up for an epidural last week- but I'm really hoping to do all I can with breathing and walking and focus and LOTS OF PRAYER to have this little girl on my own. And if it gets to be too much, well, I guess I'll take an elephant needle in the back.

So needless to say, I wasn't thrilled with his answer. And when I asked him if there was anything I could be doing to help flip her, he said no. Huh. Pretty sure that's not true, but I like the guy enough and want to keep my stress and sanity intact here at the end, so I'm not switching docs or anything. I just logged on to the Google Machine and found a few DIY tips I could try at home.

So I'll keep you posted. If sister doesn't get with the program, chances are you'll find me on my hands and knees scrubbing our hardwoods and upside down on an ironing board in the days leading up to her arrival.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Because my opinions are in demand..

... I've been asked to do a product review!!

I know, I know- all the popular kids have already been asked, but I'm still excited!

CSN Stores are so fun and they have over 200 online stores. That's a lot of stuff, people! You can find a ton of cool items like fun cookware, a chic bar stool, fabulous rugs, even great items for babies! Woot woo! :)

I can't wait to pick something out to review! While I would love love love to have something decor-related for the house, I'm thinking I may have to go the baby gear route. You know, since I'm with child and all. But we'll see! I may change my mind..

And if you're on top of things (unlike me) and are already shopping for Christmas gifts, be sure to check out CSN Stores for a little online shopping fun. And stay tuned for my muy exciting review in the next few weeks!

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wedding Weekend

We had such a blast in California this past weekend for my brother's wedding!
Congratulations to my big brother and his beautiful new wife! Welcome to the family!!

I went a little crazy with a polaroid download and Picnik while uploading some pictures of our trip.. :)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dancing Queen

31 1/2 weeks and burning up the dance floor

This is where Tiny Dancer gets it.. :)

More fun wedding weekend pictures to come!
It was such a great weekend and so fun to spend time with family from near and far!

Congratulations Darius & Aivy!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

31 Week Bumpdate

When I was a kid, I remember playing a twisted version of hide-and-go-seek at my mom's house, wherein no matter where I hid, I would just squeeze my eyes shut tightly and proclaim "If I can't see you, you can't see me!"

I'm pretty sure I was about 12.

But that's neither here nor there. I always won, is the point.

Actually the point is, I'm pretty sure I'm playing a variation of this game with myself every day now, only now it goes something like "If I can squeeze my ginormous belly into it, it must look good!"

And I'm not winning.

On top of that, my mom and brother are not around to knock me into reality when I bust out of the closet each morning with a sadly misguided goofy grin on my face, proud of myself for stuffing two people and an extra dozen pounds into another size small regular-person shirt that's being stretched within a thread of it's life.

It's just not cute, people.
Not. Cute.
And I'm realizing I got the memo a few weeks late..

My husband, bless him, would never tell me not to wear something I pick out or that I look like a puffalump.

He has, however, taken to calling me "biggun" but that's a whole other post and counseling session unto itself. We're all about the nicknames at our house- appropriate or not. I won't tell you what I've started calling him.. but it rhymes with Cubby Racer.

So what's a girl to do?

I'm still mysteriously dead-set against walking into a maternity store and my few attempts at choosing something from the preggo section of Target have left me feeling dead inside.

I'm at a loss, so I'll move on to the actual bumpdate now.

31 Weeks **

How far along? 31 Weeks
Weight Gain: Really not sure, but from the growth I've been feeling in the last few weeks, I'm going to guess 12-15 lbs
How Big is Baby? 3 1/2 lbs
Maternity Clothes? See above rant.
Stretch Marks? Nooooooooooooo! :)
Sleep: Not great.
Best Moment of the Week: Feeling Tiny Dancer bounce around while her daddy sounded off on his Sunday night topic of choice. He tends to go up a few decibels when conversing about politics and whatnot, and baby girl loooooooves it. :)
Movement: Oh yeah. Cartwheels and all.
Food Cravings: Not much. Still like my strawberry limeades once or twice a week.
Gender: girly
What I Miss: I'd really love a glass of wine. Also, I'm not as sprightly as I used to be.
What I'm looking forward to: A teeny tiny precious newborn
Symptoms: Large-ness
Emotions: Pretty good. Getting excited and I CANNOT believe she could be here in 6 or 7 weeks!

** Despite photo evidence to the contrary, I am NOT, in fact, wearing a full-body black leotard in this picture.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

This, that and the other. And a tomato.

This has been the single most busy week of my adult, married, 7 month pregnant life. (Didn't want to box myself into a corner there.. next week is about to sneak up on me).


I don't know what it was about September coming to a close and the stars aligning and the full moon or some such, but work was a total beat down. I guess in general, I would rather be busy at the office than bored, but it all just seemed to come at me at once.

And every night this week we had plans. This isn't typical. Or preferred by me. I'm definitely a homebody. Oh sure, I like to get out and do things, but I also need my time at home to relax, unwind and feel like I'm getting something done. You know, important things, like naps and random viewings of the exceedingly shocking Sister Wives on TLC.

To say that I am feeling the pregnancy countdown pressure this week
would be putting it mildly. Both physically and emotionally.
I swear I have grown every single day. I'm in the home stretch, here, folks. You know- the scary part of What to Expect When You're Expecting, where they start saying things like gain a pound per week and stretch marks and false labor.


So I've been inspecting my midsection religiously, rubbing all sorts of lotion and potion concoctions on my skin in my futile attempt to ward off the scary stretchies. I've been pretty
optomistic so far, but the reality is, I got stretch marks on my knees(!) and hips at puberty, and they say if you're prone to them, you'll probably get them while preggo. Ugh.

I've also been very uncomfortable while trying to sleep this week. I just feel heavy. Also, I think my feet are starting to give up on me. I went to a handful of stores yesterday and walked around for all of 2 or 3 hours and my dogs were barking about halfway through. It's a little early in the game for that, don't you think? They don't look swollen, but boy do they feel it.

In happier, uncomplain-y pregnancy news, I got to see my baby girl this week! We finally got a pretty good profile shot and I think someone has her daddy's nose! :)

30 Weeks

Everything looks great and they said she's about 3lbs 2oz!!!! Ca-raaaaazy!

The other big happening around these parts is that we will soon be heading to the West Coast for the Wedding of the Year! Woo hoo!!

My brother is getting married and my sister and I are both bridesmaids. We're super excited! It's going to be so beautiful and fun.
Sooooo.. the other night Morgan (my sister) came over so we could try on our dresses, because naturally I volunteered to hem and alter them for us, because what else do I have going on right now?

There was a moment or five of sheer panic and a pregnant-style meltdown when my dress wouldn't zip, but we solved that little problem by losing my northern undergarment. Don't worry, the style of dress totally hides this fact and everything stays where it should. But SERIOUSLY? It fit just fine at the bridal store two weeks ago!

So I got up this morning and finished Morgan's dress and just have to hem mine this afternoon. Let's pray a certain someone doesn't have another major growth spurt this week.

So that's a little of what's been going on with me.
I'll leave you with a quick little project I whipped up this morning before church:

I have been without a pin cushion for, oh, the better part of a decade now. I'm not a master seamstress or anything, but I do sew. And my trusty little tomato pin cushion went MIA years ago and is probably lost and lonely in some dark corner of a former residence. And yet, AND YET, I have never seriously thought of paying a few bucks to pick up a new one. Why? Well I have absolutely no idea.

So this morning I finally made my own.

No, it's not a tomato. Or any other vegetable (or fruit, depending on your political views).

Hubby astutely asked why they seem to make all of the pin cushions tomatoes, rather than apples or oranges or heck, even kiwis. I had no good answer for him, other than what we already know about the produce industry and their monopoly on the unborn baby sizing market.

It's their world, we're just living in it.
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