Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stretchy Pants: Part 2

After a long day of suffering in (semi) silence yesterday, I made the executive decision last night to remove a pair of my maternity jeans from the rotation. :(
This left me sad and angsty for a number of reasons.. That number being 2.

1. I only have 2 maternity items in my entire closet.
2. I have now cut my wardrobe down by 50%.

I knew when I purchased the two pairs of jeans that one of them was a little snugger than the other. One pair is regular/boot cut fit and the other are skinnies. My very first pair of skinny jeans. So of course they're a tighter fit in general. And yesterday was the flippin straw that broke the camel's back when I couldn't even sit at my desk in reasonable comfort and the drive home from work had me laying and cavorting all over the passenger seat. There also may have been some moaning and gnashing of teeth, but the details are fuzzy.

So once we got home and I was able to peel those suckers off, baby girl and I did a quick lap around the house to George Michael's "Freedom" and then I set out to fashion myself a replacement pair.

I had already checked the Forever 21 site and they no longer have their maternity jeans for sale, so that was out.
Is anyone else but me mildly disturbed that I seem to be the new, pregnant face of Forever 21?? I should be getting paid for this.

I feel you, buddy.

You guessed it. I cut up a pair of regular jeans to refashion them into what I affectionately call "stretchies". I nearly finished them last night, but then ran out of steam at the end. They should be completed tonight!

It wasn't too difficult of a project, but I was really hoping to make it to the end with both of my original stretchies in tact. The tough part for me is that I wear jeans constantly. And I've already exhausted a long list of pros and cons to try and reason my way into wearing yoga pants to the office. Not gonna happen. Of anyone in my building, I think I could pull it off, but everyone's a little miffed at me ever since the scale in the break room mysteriously stopped working, so I need to stay on good terms with HR. I have my own theories on who stepped on that baby for the last time, but I guess I can't blame them for pointing the finger at the scale-happy pregnant gal.

So hopefully I'll be able to show you my new pair soon! I'm also planning to share a few of my recent Tiny Dancer projects, in their various states of completion. I've got a lot to do!


  1. Ah, yes....I do remember the days of out growing my semi-maternity clothes in my 3rd trimester. I covered my emotions with cake....which is probably why I was in that mess in the first place. I regret nothing. Do yourself a favor and invest in another pair of "love how great you and tiny dancer look" jeans. Man, those full-panel mat pants are more hideous than, well, any fashion statement made at the State Fair, but I still have fuzzy dreams about mine. I wonder if they miss me......

    You look great, momma!! Love live Forever 21. But I'm so old just saying that may make me feel creepy.


  2. have you tried the belly band? I just have worn that with my regular pants and it works great--b/c frankly i still have not been able to find any sort of maternity pant that fits and is cute...and not major dollars! and i too love F21~ you are on the home stretch girly!! can't wait to see everything you have been working on!

  3. I can so relate- I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy and couldn't fit into anything- and let's not even talk about my feet- only flip flops in a size larger than my regular size could do!


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