Sunday, October 3, 2010

This, that and the other. And a tomato.

This has been the single most busy week of my adult, married, 7 month pregnant life. (Didn't want to box myself into a corner there.. next week is about to sneak up on me).


I don't know what it was about September coming to a close and the stars aligning and the full moon or some such, but work was a total beat down. I guess in general, I would rather be busy at the office than bored, but it all just seemed to come at me at once.

And every night this week we had plans. This isn't typical. Or preferred by me. I'm definitely a homebody. Oh sure, I like to get out and do things, but I also need my time at home to relax, unwind and feel like I'm getting something done. You know, important things, like naps and random viewings of the exceedingly shocking Sister Wives on TLC.

To say that I am feeling the pregnancy countdown pressure this week
would be putting it mildly. Both physically and emotionally.
I swear I have grown every single day. I'm in the home stretch, here, folks. You know- the scary part of What to Expect When You're Expecting, where they start saying things like gain a pound per week and stretch marks and false labor.


So I've been inspecting my midsection religiously, rubbing all sorts of lotion and potion concoctions on my skin in my futile attempt to ward off the scary stretchies. I've been pretty
optomistic so far, but the reality is, I got stretch marks on my knees(!) and hips at puberty, and they say if you're prone to them, you'll probably get them while preggo. Ugh.

I've also been very uncomfortable while trying to sleep this week. I just feel heavy. Also, I think my feet are starting to give up on me. I went to a handful of stores yesterday and walked around for all of 2 or 3 hours and my dogs were barking about halfway through. It's a little early in the game for that, don't you think? They don't look swollen, but boy do they feel it.

In happier, uncomplain-y pregnancy news, I got to see my baby girl this week! We finally got a pretty good profile shot and I think someone has her daddy's nose! :)

30 Weeks

Everything looks great and they said she's about 3lbs 2oz!!!! Ca-raaaaazy!

The other big happening around these parts is that we will soon be heading to the West Coast for the Wedding of the Year! Woo hoo!!

My brother is getting married and my sister and I are both bridesmaids. We're super excited! It's going to be so beautiful and fun.
Sooooo.. the other night Morgan (my sister) came over so we could try on our dresses, because naturally I volunteered to hem and alter them for us, because what else do I have going on right now?

There was a moment or five of sheer panic and a pregnant-style meltdown when my dress wouldn't zip, but we solved that little problem by losing my northern undergarment. Don't worry, the style of dress totally hides this fact and everything stays where it should. But SERIOUSLY? It fit just fine at the bridal store two weeks ago!

So I got up this morning and finished Morgan's dress and just have to hem mine this afternoon. Let's pray a certain someone doesn't have another major growth spurt this week.

So that's a little of what's been going on with me.
I'll leave you with a quick little project I whipped up this morning before church:

I have been without a pin cushion for, oh, the better part of a decade now. I'm not a master seamstress or anything, but I do sew. And my trusty little tomato pin cushion went MIA years ago and is probably lost and lonely in some dark corner of a former residence. And yet, AND YET, I have never seriously thought of paying a few bucks to pick up a new one. Why? Well I have absolutely no idea.

So this morning I finally made my own.

No, it's not a tomato. Or any other vegetable (or fruit, depending on your political views).

Hubby astutely asked why they seem to make all of the pin cushions tomatoes, rather than apples or oranges or heck, even kiwis. I had no good answer for him, other than what we already know about the produce industry and their monopoly on the unborn baby sizing market.

It's their world, we're just living in it.


  1. what an adorable lil pin cushion!!!

  2. that profile pict is awesome! she is adorable! yay for a fun wedding, and the little pin cushion is great! I am with ya on the pregnancy woes--I have used cocoa butter with both of my previous pregnancies and don't have any stretch marks---crossing my fingers for this one!

  3. Love that pin cushion! And that baby. Duh. ;)


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