Monday, December 1, 2014

Beckett :: Six Months

Six big ones! I CANNOT believe that Beckett has been with us for half a year! 

I just don't think I could love this little guy any more. He is the best baby and so squishy and mushy and edible. I could seriously stare at this sweet face all day! :)

It's been quite the big month. Lots of growing and changes! I feel like he has been teething for months, and I keep seeing little white dots of teeth pop through. But they must float back down (??) or something, because nothing has actually broken through. We have had a few rough days in there and lots and lots of drool. Praying something pops out so he gets some relief soon. But honestly, his "fussy" is not all that bad and I love the extra snuggles.

This boy somehow got huge this month. Or at least it feels that way to me, since I'm the one lugging him around all day.! He weighs 20lbs, which is more than Evie weighed at a year! He's like a little tree trunk. Just solid. His chunky thighs are too much cuteness to handle. :)

Beckett has finally started to really roll around. He will sometimes get stuck in the corner of his crib, on his belly, and will wail until we come and flip him over, lol. So funny. But he does seem to like to sleep on his tummy sometimes. I love watching him roll all around while he puts himself to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, it is finally getting better! We transitioned upstairs to his room and crib about a week and a half ago. We missed him being in our room immediately. :( But it has been good, despite multiple trips up there each night. It was time, and the pack n play just wasn't that comfy for him. He just wanted to be in bed with us, which ultimately led to all night nursing parties. No bueno for mama. Things have started to even out, though, and the past few nights he has only gotten up once to nurse! I will take it! Naps are still mostly of the 30 minute variety, but he will surprise me every once in a while. He is awesome at putting himself to sleep, which is half the sleep battle, in my opinion. I do miss rocking him sometimes, but it's worth the trade off.

Beck also really found his toes this month and loves to shove them right into his mouth. He likes to shove everything into his mouth, really. Oh! And sitting up- we are officially sitting unassisted! He loves to sit up and play near Evie in the playroom and squawk at everything she is doing. He LOVES Evie and she loves him so much. She tells me so nearly every day. :) She'll also tell me how cute he is and talk to him in this high, baby talk voice. It's hilarious and I love it. I can't wait to see what great friends they will become. Beckett also lights up and smiles and starts talking every single day when Daddy gets home. It is the sweetest.

I love you so, so much, Beckett Cullen! You have stolen my heart, my baby, and I couldn't love you more.

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