Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The state of our union

Hello long lost friends. Are any of you still around? I hope so!

I have really missed this outlet, and blogs in general. I am hopeful that I will find a little space/time to  start writing here again, but everything I do these days needs to fit into the nooks & crannies of my day-to-day momhood, which, as we all know, is tricky.

Is it really almost November?? I mean, I don't think the weather has really gotten the memo, as my children are still running around in shorts and most of the leaves we see are still green. I hope this doesn't mean we miss out on fall altogether! It's my fave. 

Life is currently very full. In the small children, daily demands sort of way. Evie started kindergarten (full day!) this year and we are finally into a good groove. Elementary school is no joke. And that car line will make you find Jesus, just in case you hadn't already. The boys & I are home during the day, and trying to find a good balance of morning activities (read: grocery shopping) and playing at home. Our afternoons are still reserved for napping and are my one solid hour or two per day to work or create or rest. 

On a personal note, I have taken a little break from Lilac Row and the events we typically do over the past year. I miss it. But I'm trying to be realistic with this season I am in with my children and what exactly I can and can't accomplish. Honestly, it kind of threw me for a loop this summer. But I have found little ways to still create along the way and even started another business that I am pretty excited about. Totally different but just as fun and much more conducive to this time of life. Have you heard of Beautycounter? I'll share more soon!

So here's to hoping this isn't a one-off blog post... that I can give this little space some love and attention and reconnect with you all. Anyone else still keeping up with their blog? Let me know so I can stop by and catch up!


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