Sunday, November 16, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year Evie really wanted to be an orange cat. 


Yeah, I don't know either. But anytime I would ask her, that's what she would say. She was very specific about the orange part, too. I tried to sway her down the black or white cat road, but she wasn't having it. I was distressed, to say the least. Go ahead- search for an orange cat costume on pinterest or amazon and see what you come up with. I thought I would have to buy her a Garfield costume! Finally I decided to work some psychological business on her and showed her some pictures of cute little girls in Little Red Riding Hood costumes.

Done. Sold! She bit and I locked that baby down. :)

She comes up with her own poses, and they don't come from her mother.

I had grand ideas to make Beckett a little wolf costume, but you know, I barely got hers done before the preschool parade, so he wore her old zebra costume and was all kinds of adorable.

All zebras are pensive, right??

We invited some sweet friends over for pizza and to trick or treat with us. It was super cold, so we only made it around the block, but they all made out like bandits. They were hilarious to watch. I love this little crew and can't believe my bestie's oldest is holding my baby. Makes my heart so happy!


Beckett :: 4 & 5 Months

So my little big guy is nearly SIX months now, but I clearly can't be counted on to post his monthly pictures with any timeliness. So here you go- a twofer for months 4 and 5. I did actually take the pictures on time, but that's where my punctuality ended.

So on to the show… 4 months!

He had no love for the camera this month.

This past month was a big one. Beckett's first plane ride(s), hitting up Disneyland, seeing the ocean and putting those cute little toesies in the sand, meeting our cousin and drooling up a storm!

He was a champ while traveling. We were lucky enough to get to spread out on a few of our plane rides, and as long as I was wearing him, this little guy was content! He is such a good tempered baby, even though he only likes to nap for 30 minutes at a time. We're working on it!

I promise, he does smile!

After much debate, we gave him a little hair trim this month. Just a tad off his rat tail and a little over the ears. He has SO MUCH hair! We want it to grow, but it was looking very unruly and it's much better now! He's my little old man.

Beckett has really started to find his voice... he loves to squawk and coo and talk. His favorite times to chat are early in the morning, while we're still trying to sleep, or laying on the bed after a diaper change. I love to nibble his belly and toes and neck and get him talking and laughing. He is such a delight and I could squish and kiss him all day long. 


We love you sweet boy!


5 months.

Five big months, my boy! You are growing and growing. You will definitely be bigger than your sister before too long. We had to go see the doctor for a bad diaper rash and you were 17lbs! You love to laugh and watch your sister and the dog. Evie fascinates you and loves you so much. She is such a big help and I can't wait for the day you guys will get to really play together!

You have started to act interested in what we are eating… tracking the fork or spoon to our mouths. :) Once we start solids, I have no doubt that you will love it. Though I'm not sure I'm really ready!

You continue to be a drool monster and munch on anything and everything that comes close to your face. I was pretty sure I could see a tiny white dot of a tooth on your bottom gum, but I can't see it now. Teething is no fun!

We have successfully moved you out of the rock n play, to the pack n play in our room. I was dreading the transition, but it was much easier than I thought! You started to arch and flail while you were in there sometimes, and I could tell you wanted to lie flat. Most nights I would lay you down next to me in our bed after the 3/4am feeding and you loved it. I think you also just really like our bed and being close to mom and dad. :) We love it too!

Hi favorite/famous ninja arch move.

We love you so, so much, precious boy, and couldn't imagine our lives without you!

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