Friday, December 21, 2012

some randoms for the end of the world.

I'm still here! Are you? Yeah, I thought so.

I'm eating some yummy homemade chex mix for breakfast. I love making chex mix around the holidays. I don't know why- it isn't exactly a holidayish food. But it's what I do. This batch was kicked up a few notches by the addition of two key ingredients:

1. Locally grown pecans from a friend's pecan farm, aka all the pecan trees growing on their land. YUM.

2. Pretzel M&M's. Yesterday, Evie was rummaging around in hubby's nightstand, as she's prone to do, pulling out and applying his chapstick over and over and over. And over. I finally came in the room to make sure she put it back and shut the drawer and discovered a bag of these chocolate delights. I angrily snatched them up, thinking for sure they were from last Christmas, when I Santa put them in his stocking. It wouldn't be the first time he hid some treat away and forgot about it, so I tore that bag open and dumped some in my afternoon snack. Bonus- they weren't stale! Then a few minutes later, he gets home from work and asks "what the heck!?" Apparently they weren't from last year... he had purchased them for my stocking. This year. Oops.

Evie is still working through this nasty cold. Poor baby. Nights are the worst. But I just pulled out one of her birthday gifts- a little wooden fishy puzzle and it made her very happy. Although right now she's methodically going through the house, closing every single door. Sister has a plan.

A few days ago she finally noticed all of the presents under the Christmas tree. I wasn't sure if I should put them out or not, since she's hip to presents and what they mean, now. She got very excited and wanted to open them all, naturally. "What about this one! What about this one, mommy?? How about that one!" :) She wasn't a happy camper when I tried to explain the whole waiting until Christmas concept.

Are you done Christmas shopping? Surely everyone else in the world but me is done. I tried to finish up yesterday while Evie was at Grammy's, but that last person on my list just wasn't happening. So I'll have to venture out today... Ugh.

Okay, what is up with Elf not being on tv at all this month?? Has anyone seen it? I feel like they're doing it on purpose or something. I'm dying to watch it.

Did I tell you guys I'm not working anymore? Yep, no more "real" job. This week was my first at home (well, I've always been at home, but you know what I mean).. no verdict yet, since we've had the sickies this week, which changes the normal dynamic. We'll see! No plans to send out my resume or apply for anything at this point, just hoping to dedicate more time to Lilac Row. And my girl. And the housework. Bleeergggh on that last one.

Merry Christmas weekend!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Card 2012 + the sickies.

* After nearly a week of the worst cough and sore throat I've ever had in my life, my girl finally caught my bug and started coughing last night. :( It made for a very long and sad night and subsequently, lots of laying around and more tv watching than I'd like to admit to today. But one good thing about sick babies is the extra cuddles. I love being able to hold her and rock her and squeeze her twice as often as normal. And who can say no to "watch eye-n skines, mommy? watch eye-n skines furst?" coupled with  those pleading, soulful blue eyes she throws at you? Who cares if it's the 53rd stinking Little Einsteins episode you've watched today and you can't get the theme song out of your head. Yes, baby, sure! Of course we can watch eye-n skines!

I'm just thankful I get to hold her at all. My heart is breaking for the parents in CT who long for their babies to hold one last time.  I cannot even imagine.

*     *     *     *     *

I was all on top of our Christmas cards this year. For once! I ended up taking an iphone pic of one of the cards, so that's why it looks so bad here. I'm still trying to figure out our new laptop with it's Windows 8 business. It's driving me nuts!

Christmas Card 2012

Anyway, a few weekends ago, I had a freak out that we wouldn't have any good pictures for our Christmas card, so we hauled my tripod out to the duck pond near our house before dusk. It's in the neighborhood next to ours, so I'm sure they were all thrilled with the crazy lady yelling and counting down and freaking out the ducks, trying to get a good shot. Whatever. 


* First portion was written Tuesday night. Which was another doozy. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

naughty or nice? you decide.

The above picture is literally the best expression we got. She was unshakable in her refusal to smile. Stubborn stinker.

And I love this last picture, of dad trying to talk her into talking to Santa at all. She took one look and then had that disgruntled look on her face the rest of the day. :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Project 52:48 {celebration}

thankful for...

Last week we celebrated my girl. My big two year old.

We made a big to-do about her birthday in the weeks leading up to the day and all through the weekend  until her party. It's so fun to celebrate big milestones and events. But I also love celebrating the not-so-big things in life. I want to show Evie that there is so much in life to celebrate, each and every day.

Like an impromptu trip to the park or spotting Christmas lights on the way home from Target.

I think she already gets it.. this celebration thing. Each and every time she spouts off her ABC's, which is at least a dozen times a day, she ends with a big "Yeeaaaayyyyyy!!" and gives herself a round of applause. Something to celebrate. :)

* * * * *

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

some randoms.

Am I the last one on earth to find out that Prince William and Kate are expecting??? I have to tell you- I don't know why, but I'm so excited for them. I just like them. Her, especially. She seems so nice and genuine and all of those dumb magazine articles made it seem like she was desperate for a baby, so I'm happy for her. Here's hoping the baby gets her genes in the looks department. :o)

I have been LOVING my Cozy Fireside scentsy the past few weeks. It seriously smells SO GOOD. It smells cozy and warm and spicy and holiday-ish and like you're locked inside, bundled up by the fire with a blizzard outside. Just like that.

I am feeling a blog layout change coming...

I am really hoping to start beefing up Lilac Row. It's been such a fun side job and creative outlet. I think it's time to start setting some goals for myself (business-wise), be more purposeful and really see what we can do. I so enjoy all of my projects and that it allows me to do so many different things. I get bored doing the same thing over and over.. no surprise. :) I need to share some of my recent projects with you guys- hopefully this week. OH! And come Like the Lilac Row Facebook page!

I really want/need to organize my Pinterest boards. They're a hot mess.

Yesterday I turned on the holiday music and added a little festiveness to a wall off our kitchen. I love sending and receiving holiday cards this time of year and wanted a cute place to display them. You know- other than the side of the fridge. :) It makes me happy every time I walk by!

I keep going back and forth in my mind about (re)decorating our house lately. We keep contemplating moving, and if we are going to move, I don't really want to make any other changes or paint or anything. But then I get the itch to switch something up. Like, every other day. It's such a part of me and I always want to make our home into a place for us. Cozy and inviting and pretty. So this in-between stuff if getting to me. In all likelihood, I'll pound more than a few more nails into the walls before we ever leave this place. :)

I really wish I was hosting a Christmas party! Not going to happen, but a friend of mine and I used to have one each year, back when we were single. I really want to start that up again and make it a yearly tradition. Wouldn't that be fun?

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

{DIY} White Felt Leaf Wreath

Time to get crafty! I feel like I work on a project every single day, but rarely do I share them with you guys. So it's your lucky day!! Are you excited?

I whipped up this simple wreath today. This is my favorite kind of crafting- only a few supplies needed, plus a warm drink, snack of your choice and a sofa to sit on while you watch re-runs of the Real Housewives of Whatever. Totally my kind of afternoon.

Here's what you need. Straw wreath form (leave the plastic on), white felt, scissors and a million push pins.

Start by cutting out a TON of felt leaves. I think in all, I had a little over 100 leaves. Then just start pinning the leaves onto your wreath form. Just overlap your leaves in a pretty way. Easy peasy. I did go back at the end and pin down the leaves in random places, to keep everything from shifting around.


Isn't it festive? Or actually- just really simple and a little modern? I can't decide. But I do love it! It's simple and sleek enough that I want to keep it up all year long, not just during Christmas. So I thought for now I should add a few little metallic berries to Christmas it up:


So what do you think?? 

Ps, I'm just now noticing that the lights on the top portion of our pre-lit tree have gone out. Lovely.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Tiny Dancer {2 Years}

Guess who's TWO!!????

I seriously cannot believe my teeny tiny girl is 2 today! Happy birthday little love!

Evie, you are a force to reckoned with. Each day your sweet little personality shines through more and more, through your actions and your words. Oh, the words! I knew the endless question portion of toddlerhood would come at some point, I just didn't realize it might be so soon! I love your endless curiosity and the hilarious and sweet way you state the obvious about, well, everything!


You are always on the go. Your teeny little body running through the house, diaper swishing, is one of my favorite sounds. I love the way you act so dramatic when you hear a strange noise or car drive by or  dog bark outside. "Betteh watch out! Bettah watch out!" you shout. Hilarious. And dramatic. I predict life with you will never be boring.

Your love affair with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse continues.. I don't see that ending any time soon! And lately we've let you watch a few other shows as well. I believe I have the Super Readers to thank for you spelling out the first half of the word 'computer' last week! You never fail to amaze your daddy and I. I love seeing your little mind work. Sometimes you get in such a hurry to get out what you're trying to say, that it sounds like loud gibberish. Then you try it again, a little slower, and keep trying until you get the whole sentence right. It makes me so proud of you. You know just what you're trying to tell us and even know some of the correct tenses and possessions and keep working at the correct words until you get it. My smart girl.

Lately, you really like to make us laugh and crack up at yourself. You start laughing and then carry it on and on. I could listen to your deep belly laugh all day. And you know when you're being funny and say "halareeus". :)

You are such a delight to me, Evie. I cannot imagine life without you and I am so beyond thankful for the joy you bring to us each day. Holding you, rocking you, smothering you with kisses and just getting to love on you each and every day. Mothering you is such an honor and I hope you know how much it means to me. 

I love you to the moon and back!

  Happy happy birthday Evie girl!!! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Project 52:47 {Christmas}

thankful for...

I love this holiday.

Like, far and away above the others. I love the music, the decorations, the traditions, the festivities, the gift-giving and the feeling of love and community that seems to permeate this time of year.

I have been so excited to include Evie in more than just opening presents this year. To really talk to her about Christmas and why we celebrate. To read about the birth of Jesus over and over and over. I've already started singing Silent Night and Jingle Bells to her, hoping she'll catch on soon and this weekend we'll be breaking out the Advent Calendar.

I love this holiday. 

I'm so thankful for all the happiness and festiveness that it brings, but more importantly- most importantly- I am thankful to celebrate the birth of Jesus. That a sweet little baby was born on a cold night long ago, in a miraculous way. Sent to walk among men and die so that we might live forever.

* * * * *

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the mommy guilt.

Gah. Today has been a day. And it's only noon.

As I've mentioned before- I work from home. And only part-time, thank goodness. But with this job and projects for Lilac Row, it's days like this that I feel like I just woke up and blinked and half the day is gone. And- oh, yeah!- my daughter is running around in the background, fending for herself.

Oh, the guilt. I just put her down for a nap and I can't even tell you how many days I have literally counted the hours in my head until the next time she will go to sleep... so that I will have some uninterrupted time to cross something off my list. 

I feel horrible even typing that out loud.

That's not the kind of mother I want to be. I want to be present. I want to be fun. I want to answer her the first time she asks me to "hold you mama" or "mama help you?", not the 5th.  I don't want her to remember me sitting in front of this blasted computer all day long.

But it's so hard to fit everything in. Sometimes I just physically don't know how to do it. Does anyone? If so, please enlighten me.

And here's the thing- I'm pretty sure I know what my problem is. I take on too many things. Self-imposed, not other people requesting things. It's just me and my little over-active, over-achieving mind. Which is selfish. My time is not only my own. It's my husband's and it's my daughter's. And above all? It's God's.

I feel like I need to fall on my knees and just cry and ask for forgiveness right now. I have been so, so selfish lately. Everything I do- each thing I make a priority- is of my own choosing. Not once have I stopped to ask Jesus if this is what He wants me to be doing at his particular moment. And far too often I do whatever the heck it is I want to do, rather than considering what my husband wants or needs. Even if that just means sitting on the couch next to him, holding his hand- without my phone or a project in the other hand. I mean, how hard is that?

And my girl? Well her needs are far more apparent. And sure, I meet them.. food, diapers, hugs, play. But largely with only half of my attention. Always thinking of something else. Of all that I need to do. And is any of it more important than that sweet baby and her request to "hold you mama"?

Absolutely not.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Festive Mayhem

Hi turkeys! I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone. This year is flying by.

And with all of the eating and giving thanks behind us, we turn our eyes to Evie's impending birthday. Cue the tears, my baby will be two! So we thought we should do some trial runs for her celebration by taking her to a few other kid birthday parties recently. You know- to work out the kinks. ;)


This girlie put on a good show, busting in on the birthday boy's presents and eating off of everyone else's plate. She basically bogarted this toy mic and got her germs all over it before our little friend even had a chance to see it. You've gotta be quick. Toddler-hood is cut throat.

I can't believe this little dark-haired peanut has gotten so big. I just want to squish those newborn baby cheeks and sniff that baby smell. I can say this- sister hasn't gotten any quieter in her two years. She has a lot to say and she's always wanted to be heard!

a few weeks old. sniff.

And like any good mom, I've been talking up her birthday and coaching her to say "Iiiiiii'm TWO!" when you ask her how old she's going to be. It's pretty stinking cute.

She slays me.

I have decided to save my sanity this year by outsourcing the birthday party. As in- we're partying at Little Gym! I mean, it hasn't happened yet, but I'm pretty certain I will count this as one of the best decisions I've made this year. No worrying about cleaning my house from top to bottom, trying to figure out how to squeeze in all the people we would like to invite or worrying about spilled beverages on the carpets and broken Christmas ornaments. Amen and amen.

So this weekend I'll bake a cake, put together some party favors and try on all of my leotards. If that's not a recipe for a successful 2 year old birthday party, I don't know what is.

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