Friday, December 21, 2012

some randoms for the end of the world.

I'm still here! Are you? Yeah, I thought so.

I'm eating some yummy homemade chex mix for breakfast. I love making chex mix around the holidays. I don't know why- it isn't exactly a holidayish food. But it's what I do. This batch was kicked up a few notches by the addition of two key ingredients:

1. Locally grown pecans from a friend's pecan farm, aka all the pecan trees growing on their land. YUM.

2. Pretzel M&M's. Yesterday, Evie was rummaging around in hubby's nightstand, as she's prone to do, pulling out and applying his chapstick over and over and over. And over. I finally came in the room to make sure she put it back and shut the drawer and discovered a bag of these chocolate delights. I angrily snatched them up, thinking for sure they were from last Christmas, when I Santa put them in his stocking. It wouldn't be the first time he hid some treat away and forgot about it, so I tore that bag open and dumped some in my afternoon snack. Bonus- they weren't stale! Then a few minutes later, he gets home from work and asks "what the heck!?" Apparently they weren't from last year... he had purchased them for my stocking. This year. Oops.

Evie is still working through this nasty cold. Poor baby. Nights are the worst. But I just pulled out one of her birthday gifts- a little wooden fishy puzzle and it made her very happy. Although right now she's methodically going through the house, closing every single door. Sister has a plan.

A few days ago she finally noticed all of the presents under the Christmas tree. I wasn't sure if I should put them out or not, since she's hip to presents and what they mean, now. She got very excited and wanted to open them all, naturally. "What about this one! What about this one, mommy?? How about that one!" :) She wasn't a happy camper when I tried to explain the whole waiting until Christmas concept.

Are you done Christmas shopping? Surely everyone else in the world but me is done. I tried to finish up yesterday while Evie was at Grammy's, but that last person on my list just wasn't happening. So I'll have to venture out today... Ugh.

Okay, what is up with Elf not being on tv at all this month?? Has anyone seen it? I feel like they're doing it on purpose or something. I'm dying to watch it.

Did I tell you guys I'm not working anymore? Yep, no more "real" job. This week was my first at home (well, I've always been at home, but you know what I mean).. no verdict yet, since we've had the sickies this week, which changes the normal dynamic. We'll see! No plans to send out my resume or apply for anything at this point, just hoping to dedicate more time to Lilac Row. And my girl. And the housework. Bleeergggh on that last one.

Merry Christmas weekend!


  1. Hilarious !! The pretzels ! You got caught in the "act" of eating the stolen stocking stuffers!!! Evie sounds like a lot of fun & always up to investigating something!

  2. I love that she loves her fishy puzzle! I'm glad she's getting over the icks, and that you are officially a stay at home Momma now!! I also always associate chex mix with YOU! I remember you making it in college and at the annual party you and Nina would have. Love that you have traditions like that. Also, I want some Dyer Pecans! Who do I have to sleep with to get some of those?! (totally kidding about sleeping with someone, but seriously, let me know:)).


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