Sunday, December 9, 2012

Project 52:48 {celebration}

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Last week we celebrated my girl. My big two year old.

We made a big to-do about her birthday in the weeks leading up to the day and all through the weekend  until her party. It's so fun to celebrate big milestones and events. But I also love celebrating the not-so-big things in life. I want to show Evie that there is so much in life to celebrate, each and every day.

Like an impromptu trip to the park or spotting Christmas lights on the way home from Target.

I think she already gets it.. this celebration thing. Each and every time she spouts off her ABC's, which is at least a dozen times a day, she ends with a big "Yeeaaaayyyyyy!!" and gives herself a round of applause. Something to celebrate. :)

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