Friday, December 14, 2012

naughty or nice? you decide.

The above picture is literally the best expression we got. She was unshakable in her refusal to smile. Stubborn stinker.

And I love this last picture, of dad trying to talk her into talking to Santa at all. She took one look and then had that disgruntled look on her face the rest of the day. :)


  1. At least she wasn't screaming and crying! Evie is just so adorable!! I found you from In This Wonderful Life and like what you have to say. You can follow me at

  2. Laughing.. & .. Laughing some more! Hilarious!!! I agree w/Jessica... She could have made a seen by crying & screaming!!!

  3. That is just precious!!! Love her look on her face! :) She is so cute!!


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