Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bumpdate 2.0 {30 Weeks}

How far along? 30 Weeks
Weight Gain: 17 big ones! There is absolutely NO WAY I'm not going to surpass my weight gain with Evie. I feel like I'm already the size I was when I delivered her. TEN MORE WEEKS!!
How Big is Baby? Big! 3lbs at least
Maternity Clothes? Nothing new. Oh, except a big girl bra. I nearly cried in the dressing room.
Stretch Marks? Nope- PTL!
Sleep: Meh. It's getting harder and harder to get comfortable and I've officially broken up with my preggo pillow.
Best Moment of the Week: Not related to MY pregnancy, but- my nephew was born yesterday!! I'm officially an aunt and I couldn't be more excited or more bummed that they live across the country. All I want to do is hold and snuggle him!
Movement: Oh yes. It's crazy, but he also kicks me in the on my right side that Evie always kicked me. Nothing on my left side. So bizarre, especially since he's still flipping all around. At yesterday's appointment he was totally breech and I can pretty much tell when he is transverse, because it's really uncomfortable. There must be a little bullseye in there that they aim for!
Food Cravings: Sweets!
Gender: BOY!
What I Miss: Being comfortable when I sit and lay down.
What I'm looking forward to: Snuggling a teeny baby. Mine OR my nephew!
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, some low back pain and general largeness.
Emotions: Back on the up and down. Pretty sure I've cried at least every other day in the past week.

It's becoming more and more real that this boy will be here very soon. I can hardly believe it's April and this month is already shaping up to be a doozy in the calendar department. I MUST start working on the nursery and getting this place ready for our boy! The sweet girls in my bible study threw me a little shower/dinner last night, which was really fun. So we can check a few of the items we need off the list! Yay!

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