Monday, March 30, 2015

Beckett :: Ten Months

Look at this big guy!! My baby is starting to look so big... I think it's all that hair. :)

This past month has been a big one. But numero uno on mama's list is the NAPS! Beckett has finally started taking long naps every day. All the praise hands! My catnapper is now giving us 2 solid naps per day. They aren't the same each day, but they are rarely only 30 minutes anymore! Woo hoo! It is unbelievable how freeing that is. 30 minutes is just not enough time to get anything done! So glad for this change.

I decided to start teaching him all the party tricks, and got things started with a little high five action. It's pretty cute. Then, my stepmom (Grandma) came for a visit in the beginning of March and Beckett started to wave while she was here! It was so cute and fun to realize that he was actually waving and not just flailing his arms around. :)

We're also working on 'more' and 'all done' in sign language. Specifically while eating. This guy is a screecher, so anything we can do to keep dinnertime at a reasonable decibel is appreciated!

This boy is into EVERYTHING. It is such a change from Evie and is keeping me on my toes every day. Evie gets pretty worked up by it, too, which is slightly hilarious to me. I don't know how many times a day she yells "Ohhhhhh Brudder!! No sir! Beckett Howerton, noo sir!" I imagine things will only escalate in this department as he gets more and more into her stuff. But that's what little brothers are for, right??

Beckett had two more teeth come in on top, for a total of 4 on top and 2 on bottom. His toothy little grin is so adorable. Unless, of course, he's using his chompers to, ahem, chomp on me. :/

We love you, Beckett Boy! You are such a light in our every day and a joy to everyone you meet.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Beckett :: 8 & 9 Months

Once again, giving this kid a combo update. :) And I'm still late! Sorry, Beck. #secondchildprobs

8 months

Well, our little fella is finally on the move! The crawling commenced this month and my days of being able to sit him down and walk away for a hot second are officially over. But I love seeing his little chubby self crawl around. And he's been so proud of himself and happy to be able to follow after his big sister.

Beckett is all boy. It's funny to me how different he is from Evie, even just physically. He's aggressive! He likes to pound and slap his hand down on the table or our chests or face, if we're especially lucky. :) He's always grabbing for our noses and mouths and daddy's ears. And yelling or grunting at the same time. It cracks me up. And changing a diaper or clothes is never an easy feat. Evie was so content to just lay there and talk to us, but this guy rolls like it's his job! He rolls and stretches and screeches and generally acts like we are performing some sort of torture on him. Fun times!

He is still loving his food. Any and all food and right this minute with my dinner, thank you very much! When he sees me getting his bowl out, he cranes his neck to peer around the fridge and see what I'm doing, then he starts to howl until I actually shovel something into his mouth. It's pretty funny. And slightly maddening. Dinnertime is the worst, for whatever reason. It's basically a screamfest between bites, because we're just not fast enough. See what I mean? ALL BOY.

Oh! And we finally got some teeth in this month! Two on the bottom, which popped through about 10 days apart. They're so cute, but I'll miss that gummy little grin.


Evie loves being a big sister and Beckett sure does love her back. Their sweet little relationship is just about the best thing ever. She is very protective over him and is SO helpful to me, especially now that he's mobile. She will stay in a room with him and watch over him when I ask her to (you know- so I can use the restroom or some such, in peace). And they have really started to play together more in the playroom. Which is nice, because our playroom has a door. :) Love these love bugs.


9 months

Well, the mobility has continued this past month! Beckett Boy has taken his crawling to the next level, pulling up on any and everything. And if that wasn't enough, he is now cruising around furniture, too! I can hardly believe we're to this stage already!

It's pretty cute to see his determined little face, though. He'll spot something he wants on the coffee table and go after it with some steely determination. His favorite is definitely the tv remote. And if we don't remember to close all the doors in the hall/entry, he heads straight for the bathroom or the mudroom to find the dog's food. Gross! I don't think he's ever actually made it there to get his grubs on the dog food, but there's no doubt that's where he's going!

Beckett got his top two teeth in this month and I feel like a few more might be working as well. He now has all 4 center teeth and it's been a little reprieve from the drooling and fussy teething, which is nice.

What wasn't fun, was his very first ear infection. Evie got her first ear infection mid-February, and hers was pretty bad. Our pediatrician happened to check Beck's ears while we were getting Evie checked, and he did have a slight infection. Thankfully it never got bad enough to warrant antibiotics. We probably never would have known had the doctor not checked! We are all extremely ready for this winter and all it's sickness to be over. Bring on spring!

I just love this sweet little guy so much. It's up for debate on who his favorite person is these days. He's a mama's boy for sure, but boy does he get excited every day when daddy gets home! He screeches and makes a beeline for him and basically wants daddy to hold him for the rest of the evening. It's pretty sweet. Beckett isn't really saying any words yet, but boy does he "talk"! We thought he would be our quiet one. :) He's always making noises and doing his heavy breathing. It's hilarious. He will say "dadadadaaaa" but not necessarily at/to daddy. BUT! He did FINALLY start to say a version of "mama"- usually when he's upset or wants me to pick him up. Yay!

We love you to the moon and back, Beckett Cullen! You are our dreams and prayers come true and we are SO thankful you are a part of our family.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Beckett :: Seven Months

This month has been a big one for Beckett Boy! First Christmas, sleeping through the night, travel, food and more!

We started trying some table food, to mixed reviews from B. :) Some of his little faces were just hilarious. I really wanted to do more of a Baby Led Weaning approach with solids for Beckett, but after a few weeks of mainly messes and not much food ingested, I resorted to picking up our favorite Happy Bellies oatmeal and doing purees. Womp womp. But I am still trying to offer him some foods he can hold and explore, and not all baby food. We'll see. Just trying to do what works for him. And me, frankly. :)

On Christmas Eve, I let him gnaw on a piece of ham and the boy LOVED it! He kept reaching for it and wanting more. It was pretty funny.

Still no teeth, but lots of teething and drooling going on. Any day now, I'm just sure of it.

Beckett isn't crawling yet, but has really got the whole rocking on all fours thing down. There have been a few times when I thought it was going to happen, but then I come to my senses and push him down… Kidding!!! But seriously, I don't want him to crawl. Or be mobile in any way, more specifically. #secondchildprobs

We are still working on sleep, but made some really good strides this month. My kiddos just like the catnap as babies. 30 minutes on the dot. I have come to accept this, mostly, but it still drives me bonkers some days. Especially when he is on his 4th catnap of the day, and clearly fussy and tired because he hasn't gotten enough sleep. And forget trying to schedule anything around naps or get anything substantial accomplished while he sleeps. But in last few weeks, he has started to give me a longer nap (1 - 1.5 hours) every once in a while. So I know he can do it! And he puts himself to sleep just fine, so I am extremely thankful for that. Baby steps! Oh! And as soon as we got back from traveling after Christmas, he started to consistently sleep all night! He will still wake and need to be soothed back down here and there, but no nursing and in bed from about 6:45pm to around 7am! Glory.

I just love this boy so much. He is just the sweetest baby and has such a good temperament. I love the way he watches his sister and how she makes him laugh. Their little bond makes my heart so full and thankful. I can't wait to see what kind of boy and man he becomes, but there is no rush!!

I love you to the moon and back, Beckett Boy!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Beckett :: Six Months

Six big ones! I CANNOT believe that Beckett has been with us for half a year! 

I just don't think I could love this little guy any more. He is the best baby and so squishy and mushy and edible. I could seriously stare at this sweet face all day! :)

It's been quite the big month. Lots of growing and changes! I feel like he has been teething for months, and I keep seeing little white dots of teeth pop through. But they must float back down (??) or something, because nothing has actually broken through. We have had a few rough days in there and lots and lots of drool. Praying something pops out so he gets some relief soon. But honestly, his "fussy" is not all that bad and I love the extra snuggles.

This boy somehow got huge this month. Or at least it feels that way to me, since I'm the one lugging him around all day.! He weighs 20lbs, which is more than Evie weighed at a year! He's like a little tree trunk. Just solid. His chunky thighs are too much cuteness to handle. :)

Beckett has finally started to really roll around. He will sometimes get stuck in the corner of his crib, on his belly, and will wail until we come and flip him over, lol. So funny. But he does seem to like to sleep on his tummy sometimes. I love watching him roll all around while he puts himself to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, it is finally getting better! We transitioned upstairs to his room and crib about a week and a half ago. We missed him being in our room immediately. :( But it has been good, despite multiple trips up there each night. It was time, and the pack n play just wasn't that comfy for him. He just wanted to be in bed with us, which ultimately led to all night nursing parties. No bueno for mama. Things have started to even out, though, and the past few nights he has only gotten up once to nurse! I will take it! Naps are still mostly of the 30 minute variety, but he will surprise me every once in a while. He is awesome at putting himself to sleep, which is half the sleep battle, in my opinion. I do miss rocking him sometimes, but it's worth the trade off.

Beck also really found his toes this month and loves to shove them right into his mouth. He likes to shove everything into his mouth, really. Oh! And sitting up- we are officially sitting unassisted! He loves to sit up and play near Evie in the playroom and squawk at everything she is doing. He LOVES Evie and she loves him so much. She tells me so nearly every day. :) She'll also tell me how cute he is and talk to him in this high, baby talk voice. It's hilarious and I love it. I can't wait to see what great friends they will become. Beckett also lights up and smiles and starts talking every single day when Daddy gets home. It is the sweetest.

I love you so, so much, Beckett Cullen! You have stolen my heart, my baby, and I couldn't love you more.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year Evie really wanted to be an orange cat. 


Yeah, I don't know either. But anytime I would ask her, that's what she would say. She was very specific about the orange part, too. I tried to sway her down the black or white cat road, but she wasn't having it. I was distressed, to say the least. Go ahead- search for an orange cat costume on pinterest or amazon and see what you come up with. I thought I would have to buy her a Garfield costume! Finally I decided to work some psychological business on her and showed her some pictures of cute little girls in Little Red Riding Hood costumes.

Done. Sold! She bit and I locked that baby down. :)

She comes up with her own poses, and they don't come from her mother.

I had grand ideas to make Beckett a little wolf costume, but you know, I barely got hers done before the preschool parade, so he wore her old zebra costume and was all kinds of adorable.

All zebras are pensive, right??

We invited some sweet friends over for pizza and to trick or treat with us. It was super cold, so we only made it around the block, but they all made out like bandits. They were hilarious to watch. I love this little crew and can't believe my bestie's oldest is holding my baby. Makes my heart so happy!

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