Friday, June 28, 2013

friday morning thoughts

1 // So it looks like we actually have a (tentative) closing date on the new house! One month from today. I'm so excited and really want to start getting everything packed up. So far, I packed one big box of toys about 2 months ago, and this morning sealed up a box of my shoes. At this rate, I'll be done in about a century! :)

2 // I've been working on a pair of chairs for a friend and they are thiiiiis close to being done! They're so bright and cheery.

3 // We officially have a budding artist on our hands. A few weeks ago, Evie started drawing faces on her magna-doodle toy (usually Daddy). I was so surprised and amazed. She would ask us to draw all kinds of animals and different people, but I don't think we've ever sat down and really shown her how to draw a face. Actually, as I'm typing this, I think my mom has! Anyway, she's always sure to include daddy's mustache and beard. :) Here's she's doing a perfect rendering of Hans Hippo. I love it. Now I just need to convince her to do a few pieces on actual paper so I can keep them.

4 // Hubby and Evie have been getting lots of sun and pool time this summer. Me? Notsomuch. I'm typically so dark by now! These days if I make it to the pool, you'll find me huddled under a hat,  sunglasses and big umbrella. Oy. I believe this is what's called "turning into your mother". ;) Evie Girl has been loving the pool this year, which I'm so happy about. We practice her swimming and she loves to jump to us off the side of the pool and sometimes off the diving board!

5 // We recently found out that my grandparents and some aunts and a cousin will be visiting in my hometown next month. Evie and I are planning to drive up to see everyone. I'm excited, since we haven't been out of town in a while, and- of course- to see all our family. I know they only really want to see my girl. But that's okay, I know she'll keep everyone entertained and on their toes! Happy Friday!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Learning as we go

So this weekend, my mom and I set up a Lilac Row booth at our local Flea Market. We have a pretty decent flea market here in town each Saturday. We really didn't want to set up a ton of big stuff like furniture, so our plan was to have a bunch of our jewelry, some Coco & Moss aprons, handmade signs and smaller items for sale. Which is what we did!

Overall it was a good time, but not as great as we were hoping. It was pretty busy, but there were so many vendors (which is great for shoppers!), that it didn't seem like any of the vendors had amazing sales.

As for us, I think it's pretty clear that we should save the jewelry portion of our business for more women-centric events. DUH, right??  :) We did sell quite a bit of jewelry, but let's be honest- who goes to a flea market to buy boutique style accessories?? Not me!

Oh, well, live and learn! And I did post a few more jewelry items on the Lilac Row Facebook page yesterday- go check it out!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

New House Progress

They are making lots of progress on our new house! I stop by basically every day to keep tabs :) and snapped some pics with my phone to share. It's exciting to see the cabinets in and really get a feel for the rooms!

Pantry shelves! No, I didn't end up leaving a note :)

Checking out all the workers in our neighborhood. There are TONS of them.

Super excited for these lockers in the mudroom.

Getting close!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lilac Row: Jewelry Sale!

Just wanted to pop in and let you guys know that I did decide to list some of our jewelry for sale on the Lilac Row Facebook page.

Be sure to check it out and tell your friends! My plan is to list a few new items each week. AND I'm thinking of giving away a necklace or bracelet once we reach 100 likes! Stay tuned and be sure to follow us for all the details!

Oh! And PS- shipping/delivery is FREE!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

randoms & a coco & moss discount!

// Loving this Summer Tour of Homes. I always have home decor and interiors on the brain, so I love seeing home tours.

// Evie has really given me a run for the money this past week, in the nap department. She didn't nap last Friday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Cripes! is what I have to say to that! I have been hoping and praying that it's just a growth spurt or something weird and not the actual Dropping of the Nap. Because that is my dreaded fear. Thankfully she slept really well yesterday, but so far today? Babbling coming from that room all afternoon.

// My mom and I have signed up to do an upcoming Saturday Flea Market here in town! If you're local, come out and see us on Saturday, June 22 at the Fairgrounds. We'll have some smaller Lilac Row items and will be focusing on a lot of our jewelry. I just got a bunch of fun new jewelry in and shocker- I want to keep tons of it for myself! I've been thinking about listing some of it on Facebook and letting people buy there, if they want. Any thoughts on this? Does that interest anybody?


// We have been getting a TON of rain and storms this spring. And honestly, I'm loving it. Of course I hate to see all the devastation tornado season can bring, but growing up in the middle of the country, I've always loved this time of year. I love the vibrant colors after a fresh rain, the sound of thunder and heading outside to watch a massive storm roll in. And usually by the first of June we've had ridiculous heat for a month already, so the fact that I have yet to force myself into a swimsuit has been amazing.

// Evie, on the other hand, has put on her cute little swimsuits every day. Swim lessons!! Tomorrow is our last day, so pictures to come.

// And finally, I decided to run a little summer discount on my Etsy shop. Order now through the end of June and get 20% off your order! Perfect time to buy a cute little apron. :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

the ducks.


We have some new neighbors. The Ducks.

This pair has been roaming around our neighborhood for over a month now. They like the house across the street (they put out a little pool of water for them) and our house best. :) At least that's what we think. They have come waddling up our driveway right when I'm about to leave, numerous times. Looking for food, of course! It's also possible that we bribe them with various artisan breads. It's pretty sweet how close they'll let Evie get to them. I think they can see she's not a real threat. You know, pint-sized and naked ain't scary.

Fingers crossed that we'll see some little baby ducklings one of these days!

Monday, June 3, 2013

New House: In the Pantry

This weekend when I stopped by the house, I could see they were working on the trim and shelving in all the closets. This set me in a momentary panic, as I had planned to map out exactly how/where we wanted all of the shelving in our master closet and pantry. But no worries- I quickly talked myself off that ledge and decided the master closet would turn out just fine. Obviously ours wasn't the first one they had ever constructed.

But the pantry. Oy. They hadn't started installing anything in there yet, so my plan was to measure the room (it's a walk-in), then scour Pinterest for ideas and get to work drawing up some plans. Then I would tape up said plans in the pantry with a sweet little note, my phone number (should they have questions) and maybe some cigarettes a donut or two??? Seems like a plan to me!

So here are some of the gorgeous pantries I'm drawing inspiration from. Our pantry is good sized, with room for a wall of shelving and a small (wet bar-sized) cabinet/counter-top. I'm super psyched about all the storage. And eventually I would like to do something fun in there like fun wallpaper, a chalkboard wall or fun paint.


no link
no link
no link
no link

So.. any advice on the pantry? I want to make sure and leave a large space beneath the wall of shelves for bulk items and recycling bins. And I can't wait to get in there and get everything organized!

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