Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Learning as we go

So this weekend, my mom and I set up a Lilac Row booth at our local Flea Market. We have a pretty decent flea market here in town each Saturday. We really didn't want to set up a ton of big stuff like furniture, so our plan was to have a bunch of our jewelry, some Coco & Moss aprons, handmade signs and smaller items for sale. Which is what we did!

Overall it was a good time, but not as great as we were hoping. It was pretty busy, but there were so many vendors (which is great for shoppers!), that it didn't seem like any of the vendors had amazing sales.

As for us, I think it's pretty clear that we should save the jewelry portion of our business for more women-centric events. DUH, right??  :) We did sell quite a bit of jewelry, but let's be honest- who goes to a flea market to buy boutique style accessories?? Not me!

Oh, well, live and learn! And I did post a few more jewelry items on the Lilac Row Facebook page yesterday- go check it out!

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  1. I want to come visit your flea market!! All of your things looked right up my alley!


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