Thursday, December 6, 2012

some randoms.

Am I the last one on earth to find out that Prince William and Kate are expecting??? I have to tell you- I don't know why, but I'm so excited for them. I just like them. Her, especially. She seems so nice and genuine and all of those dumb magazine articles made it seem like she was desperate for a baby, so I'm happy for her. Here's hoping the baby gets her genes in the looks department. :o)

I have been LOVING my Cozy Fireside scentsy the past few weeks. It seriously smells SO GOOD. It smells cozy and warm and spicy and holiday-ish and like you're locked inside, bundled up by the fire with a blizzard outside. Just like that.

I am feeling a blog layout change coming...

I am really hoping to start beefing up Lilac Row. It's been such a fun side job and creative outlet. I think it's time to start setting some goals for myself (business-wise), be more purposeful and really see what we can do. I so enjoy all of my projects and that it allows me to do so many different things. I get bored doing the same thing over and over.. no surprise. :) I need to share some of my recent projects with you guys- hopefully this week. OH! And come Like the Lilac Row Facebook page!

I really want/need to organize my Pinterest boards. They're a hot mess.

Yesterday I turned on the holiday music and added a little festiveness to a wall off our kitchen. I love sending and receiving holiday cards this time of year and wanted a cute place to display them. You know- other than the side of the fridge. :) It makes me happy every time I walk by!

I keep going back and forth in my mind about (re)decorating our house lately. We keep contemplating moving, and if we are going to move, I don't really want to make any other changes or paint or anything. But then I get the itch to switch something up. Like, every other day. It's such a part of me and I always want to make our home into a place for us. Cozy and inviting and pretty. So this in-between stuff if getting to me. In all likelihood, I'll pound more than a few more nails into the walls before we ever leave this place. :)

I really wish I was hosting a Christmas party! Not going to happen, but a friend of mine and I used to have one each year, back when we were single. I really want to start that up again and make it a yearly tradition. Wouldn't that be fun?

Happy Thursday!


  1. Yes it sounds like fun to have a holiday party!!!! It makes it worth all the time you put up decorations.. Keep us posted. Can't wait to see your next project! It's eye candy !!!!

  2. I'm in, but only if it turns to late night dance party like the good old days:). Love your card holder!


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