Friday, November 30, 2012

Tiny Dancer {2 Years}

Guess who's TWO!!????

I seriously cannot believe my teeny tiny girl is 2 today! Happy birthday little love!

Evie, you are a force to reckoned with. Each day your sweet little personality shines through more and more, through your actions and your words. Oh, the words! I knew the endless question portion of toddlerhood would come at some point, I just didn't realize it might be so soon! I love your endless curiosity and the hilarious and sweet way you state the obvious about, well, everything!


You are always on the go. Your teeny little body running through the house, diaper swishing, is one of my favorite sounds. I love the way you act so dramatic when you hear a strange noise or car drive by or  dog bark outside. "Betteh watch out! Bettah watch out!" you shout. Hilarious. And dramatic. I predict life with you will never be boring.

Your love affair with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse continues.. I don't see that ending any time soon! And lately we've let you watch a few other shows as well. I believe I have the Super Readers to thank for you spelling out the first half of the word 'computer' last week! You never fail to amaze your daddy and I. I love seeing your little mind work. Sometimes you get in such a hurry to get out what you're trying to say, that it sounds like loud gibberish. Then you try it again, a little slower, and keep trying until you get the whole sentence right. It makes me so proud of you. You know just what you're trying to tell us and even know some of the correct tenses and possessions and keep working at the correct words until you get it. My smart girl.

Lately, you really like to make us laugh and crack up at yourself. You start laughing and then carry it on and on. I could listen to your deep belly laugh all day. And you know when you're being funny and say "halareeus". :)

You are such a delight to me, Evie. I cannot imagine life without you and I am so beyond thankful for the joy you bring to us each day. Holding you, rocking you, smothering you with kisses and just getting to love on you each and every day. Mothering you is such an honor and I hope you know how much it means to me. 

I love you to the moon and back!

  Happy happy birthday Evie girl!!! 


  1. Happy birthday, sweet Evie! She's so precious!!! I just love that first picture!!! So cute!!

  2. great post ...terrific pics, there is nothing like a litte one... they make our lives richer, that's for sure

  3. Happy Birthday Tiny Dancer!! Please send some of that hair (sounds way more creepy than I thought ha ha) to Maddie...she is still lacking some in that department!

  4. Happy (late) Birthday, Evie!!! She is just the cutest little two year old that ever was!! Hope it was a great day!


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