Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hooo Hoooo! {Halloween 2012}



Again with the HOO HOOO-ing.

Happy Halloween a week late! It's only taken me this long to upload and attempt to edit some pictures. Our Halloween this year was the best ever. There is just nothing like celebrating a holiday with an itty bitty child. 

So yes, I made Evie's owl costume. I was so glad it actually turned out!  I just never know with half the things I attempt. :) Basically I cut out little "feathers" from 4 different fabrics and sewed them (by rows) onto a black t-shirt from Walmart. I went up a few sizes so that it would be long on her, like a dress. I ended up cutting the sleeves off as well. The cape/wings part is a big semi-circle of fabric with more feathers sewn on. It was really way easier than it sounds! I made her mask the day before our first party, so I'm thankful it turned out and she wore it. I made it out of black felt, fabric and elastic. She got lots of compliments at the Halloween parties/festivals we attended Sunday, which made me happy. But then, with her sparkling personality, sister gets noticed and compliments no matter what she's wearing. :) 

I was so glad we decided to trick-or-treat with her cousins this year. Being with the big kids made it so much more fun for her, and she loves observing everything they do. The oldest girl, Ashlynn (not related to us- our cousin's cousin!) was so sweet to her. She held her hand and walked so slow with her from house to house while the other kids raced along. All the adults were trailing, taking a million pictures and shouting "thank you! Say thank you!!"

She caught on pretty quickly to the whole thing. My favorite part of the night was watching her fully walk right past the person answering the door, trying to go in their house! She did it twice! It was hilarious. She was also so sweet and giving with her candy. I don't let her eat sweets yet, so thankfully she didn't really know what she was getting. At one point she tried to hand it all out to us! "One for daddy. Mama want one? Ere ya go." So adorable. And I didn't see it, but my MIL said she saw her try to give a piece of candy to some homeowners when they opened the door. Little lovie.


  1. Cutest little owl! You did a great job! I loved Halloween with a little one. There's just nothing cuter than your kid dressed up and walking around like a big kid. Cooper tried to go in a few houses, too. At one, he even cried because he saw their stairs and wanted to go upstairs. Ha!!

  2. Too too cute!!! What an adorable costume. She sounds soo sweet. Love hearing how the little ones learn how to trick or treat! It's so funny all the things they do as they're figuring it out.

  3. Oh my gosh! Seriously adorable!!! You did an amazing jOb and she is the cutest owl!!! Wow! I'm impressed!

  4. New to your blog...your little girl is beautiful! I especially love the picture of her holding hands with her cousin's cousin!

  5. Great job on her costume! I was just telling Danielle the other day that I'm pretty sure you could make/create/repurpose anything you put your mind to.


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