Sunday, November 25, 2012

Project 52:46 {patience}

thankful for...

Despite how the photo may look, the patient one here is the dog.

As much as I would love to be a petless family at this point (there, I said it).. Duke is Evie's best friend. She asks for him every morning when she wakes up, laughs at him, tries to hug him, and squats down in front of his bed when he moans or groans or anything and says "Whas a matter buddy? Whas a matter dukesy?"

Her interest has spread to his bone the past few weeks. When she wakes up and asks where Duke is, the next question out of her mouth is always "Duke's bone? Bone go? Where oh where could it be?" :) And she loves to grab it and carry it around and basically tease him with it to no end. And boy oh boy am I thankful that this pup is so patient with my girl.

As far as Evie's patience... well, we're working on that one. ;)

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