Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Festive Mayhem

Hi turkeys! I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone. This year is flying by.

And with all of the eating and giving thanks behind us, we turn our eyes to Evie's impending birthday. Cue the tears, my baby will be two! So we thought we should do some trial runs for her celebration by taking her to a few other kid birthday parties recently. You know- to work out the kinks. ;)


This girlie put on a good show, busting in on the birthday boy's presents and eating off of everyone else's plate. She basically bogarted this toy mic and got her germs all over it before our little friend even had a chance to see it. You've gotta be quick. Toddler-hood is cut throat.

I can't believe this little dark-haired peanut has gotten so big. I just want to squish those newborn baby cheeks and sniff that baby smell. I can say this- sister hasn't gotten any quieter in her two years. She has a lot to say and she's always wanted to be heard!

a few weeks old. sniff.

And like any good mom, I've been talking up her birthday and coaching her to say "Iiiiiii'm TWO!" when you ask her how old she's going to be. It's pretty stinking cute.

She slays me.

I have decided to save my sanity this year by outsourcing the birthday party. As in- we're partying at Little Gym! I mean, it hasn't happened yet, but I'm pretty certain I will count this as one of the best decisions I've made this year. No worrying about cleaning my house from top to bottom, trying to figure out how to squeeze in all the people we would like to invite or worrying about spilled beverages on the carpets and broken Christmas ornaments. Amen and amen.

So this weekend I'll bake a cake, put together some party favors and try on all of my leotards. If that's not a recipe for a successful 2 year old birthday party, I don't know what is.


  1. Amen to all that! Sounds like a breeze!! She has changed so much in 2 yrs! WOW

  2. WHAT!?!? You mean, you are actually having a birthday party and NOT making the tissue pom's for over the cake table?? Poor, sweet little Evie. How her life will be changed forever. This a true turning point. Then again, this is coming from the mom who has created the yummiest homemade cakes Walgreens had to offer TWO years in.a.row!! Move over Kelle Hampton!! ;)

    Excellent decision to go out to Little Gym. Plus, they put on a great little party! Happy (almost) Birthday!!


  3. She is so precious! Little Gym is a great decision! The kiddos will have so much fun!

  4. You are so funny. I'm showing up in a leotard too! Evie is such a beauty, Aja!


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