Thursday, October 28, 2010

34 Week Bumpdate

Holy Moses, folks, we only have 6 weeks to go!!!

34 Weeks and change

Lots of growing going on this week! I feel aches and pains and pressure below decks all.the.time. And every day I come home from work and check out my belly button. I swear it gets flatter and flatter by the day. Sooo weird!

Also? The indigestion has settled in. I frankly think Tiny Dancer has squashed all of my internal organs within an inch of their life... Or it could be that I like to lay around in bed at night and eat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and milk, and my expectations of proper digestion at a horizontal level are too high. Whatever.

I think my boss is freaking out that I might have this baby at any time. Both of her kids were early- one premature at like 27 or 28 weeks (he's fine now!) and her daughter was born at 35 weeks, full term and just fine. I'm not quite so worried about it, but wouldn't be too upset if she decided to make her debut in the next few weeks!

On my lunch break yesterday I went to Baby Gap. Big mistake.
I don't know what line it is, but I just love all the little black and gray outfits they have right now for girls! I am not a frilly/giant pink bow/frou frou type girl, and my baby won't be either!

So needless to say I hit the sales rack and found some sassy little items that I can't wait to dress her in:

How cute are these??

Also, I saw this tote that I LOVE and think would be so cute as a diaper bag!
(hint hint Hubby!)

I did receive an actual diaper bag from Pottery Barn at my first shower, which is very cute, but I just can't decide if I should keep it or not. I'm not sure if I'm really the type to carry a full-on diaper bag. I like big tote bags and hobo purses anyway, so I'm thinking I may prefer to use something like this GAP bag, that I can throw everything into, including my wallet and keys.. thoughts??


  1. I used an actual diaper bag for about the first year. It was nice since it had actual pockets where I could put things and grab them in a pinch. It is easier now that the kiddo isn't on bottles or baby food so he doesn't need as much of an arsenal when we leave the house. Now I just use a great bag my husband gave me for Mother's Day. Just my thoughts....I also think you look adorable!!! And Baby Gap is my nemesis....well, there and Janie and Jack. They do bad, bad, bad things.


  2. you looks darling chick! and baby gap is trouble~!! so much cuteness~ i just got some itty bitty skinny jeans for little miss {love!} and yay for 6 weeks to go:)

  3. The diaper bag issue totally depends on your situation. I never used one, but I'm a stay at home mom and I nursed my kids. If you will take her somewhere for childcare and will be with bottles, milk/formula, extra changes of clothes and all of the essentials for a day, I would def. have a diaper bag on hand for those days. The other days you can just throw what you need in your purse and head out. Plus, the diaper bag was a gift so I would hang on to it since it didn't cost you anything and it's cute:)


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