Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Friday Morning Thoughts {Tuesday Style}

1 This weekend we celebrated by Grandpa's 80th Birthday! LOTS of family and fun for all, once Evie got over the initial shock of 50 or so extended family members swarming her at once. The only downside to the whole event was when we sang Happy Birthday, then someone said "In Spanish!".. everyone started singing and my sister and I, I kid you not, started singing Feliz Cumpleanos to the tune of Happy Birthday.
Apparently NOT the correct birthday song in Spanish. We just looked at each other in shock that we'd never heard the real song before. Then started moving our lips so we didn't lose all credibility.

2. Is it just me, or has Instagram changed?? I installed an update a few weeks ago and now none of my pictures will save to my phone.. What the heck? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

3. We have family pictures coming up next week! I am SO excited. We'll finally have some pictures of the three of us. You know, for proof.

4. In reference to #3, what do we wear?? All denim.. white shirts and jeans.. our Christmas jammies??? Decisions, decisions.

5. It's possible I'm on the market for some new jeans. I've been informed that mine are looking a little saggy in the posterior. Never good. A part of me thinks I shouldn't bother, since I'll probably gain a few lbs back when I stop breastfeeding and/or eat an entire pecan pie at Thanksgiving. Also? Shopping for jeans is hard.

6. My girl is talking more and more these days. No one is surprised by this development. Her new favorite thing is to point at any and every light fixture, lamp, ceiling fan, etc and say "Yight. Hi yight. Hi yight. Yight. Yight. Yight." :)

7. Happy Belated Anniversary to my brother and sister-in-law and my bff Sarah and her hubby! Both celebrated their anniversary yesterday.

8. I'm excited to say that I've finally gotten around to making a few things on my Pinterest boards. Yesterday we had some yummy baked potato soup and I made a cute little Christmas tree decor item to sell in our booth. OH! And I made some of these twig vases for my friend's baby shower a week ago! I love how they turned out. Buuuut.. no pics. Sorry!

9. Tomorrow morning we're hitting up The Little Gym for Evie's first class! I'm super excited. I've wanted to take her there or somewhere for a Mommy and Me class forever, but the schedules never worked for us. I'll let you know how it goes!

10. A few favorite beach pics:


  1. Thanks for the anniversary wishes...it was a super romantic celebration including potato soup and haircuts for all:)!

    Glad you got to see your family and celebrate with your grandpa!

  2. I vote for the Christmas jammies for family pics. :)

    I have been wanting to do a Mommy & Me Class with Ella also on either Wed or Fri when Hudson is in school. Please let me know how you like Little Gym.

  3. "What do we wear? Christmas Jammies?" I love it....and yes, but only if they have a back-side button flap.

    The pics are adorable as usual!!


  4. I had the same problem with Instagram!. Try shutting your phone off a couple of times. It started saving again over the weekend after I had mine off a couple of times.

  5. these picts are precious! and i love that you are doing a lil mommy and me class--so fun! can;t wait to see you fam picts!


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