Friday, September 30, 2011

Tiny Dancer {Ten Months}

Happy 10 Month Birthday Baby Girl!!

What an amazing and FUN month this has been!! 
Evie, you have grown so much I can hardly believe it! 

I just love her little pony tail, but doesn't it make her look so big!? Where has my baby gone?

You are a smart and curious little girl. And so friendly! You'll let pretty much anyone hold you and squawk and say HI to everyone we pass!
I kinda think she looks like me in this pic! There may be hope for me! ;)

This month we added two more teeth.. and I'm pretty sure at least two more are about to break through. I think she looks so different with teeth!

I trimmed up her bangs a few weeks ago.. meant to post pics! Agh!
Her hair was just looking a little scraggly in the front, since it's so stinkin long! We'll wait a while for a real haircut.

This month she added blowing kisses to her repertoire of sweetness. I just love it. She is such a sweet, loving girl, it makes my heart so happy! She hasn't quite figured out how to "blow" the kiss, but she'll put her little hand up over her mouth. :)

She's also started kissing all her stuffed animals and pictures in her books!
It was so cute- on the plane ride to CA, I had her favorite book with us- a collection of nursery rhymes that my mom gave her. She was flipping through it on her own (I LOVE that she loves books!) and stopped on "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" and kissed the little hen in the picture. Then she turned the page, turned back and kissed it again! We just looked at each other and melted. 

Such a little lovey!

Evie also loves to bounce and dance. If you ask her if she wants to go bouncing (meaning get into her exersaucer/bouncer/jumperoo thing), she'll immediately start bouncing or kicking her legs. She's also started doing the same thing when I sing to her or talk about dancing. She IS a Tiny Dancer, after all!

In case you couldn't tell, her Daddy was here to help entertain her while I took pictures this time. That's who she's grinning at! Evie loves her Dada and gets SO excited when he comes home. It's just precious.

I love you sweet girl! I can hardly believe how fast this year is flying by! You make my heart so happy each and every day. 

My little blondie.


  1. She looks like you in that pic!! And you definitely have the same expressions. She is such a cutie!!

  2. Oh my goodness! She looks SO big in these pics. She loved giving me nosey kisses today:)...she is a sweetie!

  3. ah! lil tiny dancer~ such a doll!

  4. She is SO cute! I love monthly photos! :) Have a great weekend!


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