Monday, September 26, 2011

Vacation: Laguna Beach II

This trip marked Evie's first time to the beach and ocean! She definitely dug right in to the sand :)

We checked it out when we first arrived and I put her little toes in the sand and then we both got totally soaked when the wave coming in was bigger than I thought! VERY cold water. But still lots of fun!


Our last morning in Laguna was little bit chilly...
That's where the new outfit came in perfectly :)

Picture evidence that I was, in fact, on this trip.

I spot a whale!

Even though it was mild to cool while we were there, we still loved visiting the beach! Can't wait till we can visit again and play in the sand and water!


  1. Looks like a great trip! I'm happy you got to see Darius and Aivy too! Can't wait to see pics of the zoo.

    Totally come to Florida with us this spring for sand and water!

  2. So adorable! The pics look great and Evie is such a DOLL! Really, she is too, too cute!

    And, if you don't mind, I am going to totally rip off your idea of taking a picture of your feet as "evidence" you were there. Lord knows I am always the one behind the camera. Heck you would never know Alex had a mom unless I offered up my c-section scar as proof!

    Now go and book more vacations while she will still fly for free!


  3. I am not kidding, when I saw your comment, I moved faster than if my water just broke and some strange guy was coming at me with a crazy pair of thongs. That fast.

    MODG is Ca-ra-zy!!!! She is wicked hysterical and creepy awesome all in the same post!! Although Alex doesn't, um, get all over his biz, like G may seem to.....dude, I may be married to a Native American, but that is NOT the only pitched tent I see......Dude. (somehow, I think I am going to pay for that....).

    And D may not understand because me's not a mom, and even if he is a dad, he only knows THEIR side.....

    And in case of emergency,

    Break the glass, and pull the cigarette out....wait, that may be something way beyond your time. And now I feel old.



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