Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vacation: San Diego IV

While we were in San Diego we had to get together with my Uncle Tommy!
He's lived there for years and it's not often that we see each other so it was really nice. And of course it was fun for Evie to meet her Great Uncle. :)

We met up for some yummy Mexican food and he brought his friend Cindy, who happened to be visiting from.. Oklahoma City! Can you believe it? Small world!

Tommy and Cindy were high school sweethearts back in the day. :)

Our cottage at the Coronado was two stories. We don't have stairs at home, so that was Evie's first time to really explore the stairs and she climbed right up! With one of us behind her, of course.

Trying out her new skills outside.

Someone will be walking soon!

We drove up to La Jolla one night for dinner. 
And Evie kept her bow in for about 4 minutes. New record. :)

Driving across the bridge to Coronado Island.

So long San Diego!! We hope to come back and visit again soon!

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