Monday, September 26, 2011

Vacation: Laguna Beach I

Well, 10 loads of laundry later and things are starting to look normal around here!

We had an amazing time on our vacation and made lots of great family memories. Evie was a little dream traveller. I'm SO thankful for that! I wasn't really sure what to expect with the flights, napping, time changes, busy days and all.. but she did great! The first night was rough with lots of awakenings and a 4:30am wake-up. But overall we could not be more proud of our little girl!

On to the pictures! We spent the first 3 nights in Laguna Beach, at the Surf & Sand Resort. HIGHLY recommend! We had an awesome suite with a huge balcony right above the beach. We slept with the door open every night and I could seriously get used to sleeping to the sound of waves crashing on the beach every night! 

The only (horrible) picture I managed to get of our view. Just trust me- it was amazing.
My brother and sister-in-law live in Orange, CA, so they drove down to see us the afternoon we got in! They haven't seen Evie since Christmas when she was about 3 weeks old, so I'm soo glad we were able to meet up! Evie and Darius played peek-a-boo and I don't know who had more fun.

They also brought Evie a little gift- an adorable little velour, purple track suit that came in very handy on the chilly nights! Of course, Evie loved the gift tag best :)

On Sunday we drove up to see their new house. It was beautiful! They have tons more space now and I'm so excited for them. Plenty of room for lots of little cousins for Evie! HA!

Then they took us shopping.. I can't remember the name of the mall, but it's the largest one in California. At least I think that's what Aivy said!! We had a great time. I'm so glad we were able to spend some time together! I'm bummed that I didn't get any pictures of all five of us together, but I did get some with Evie. We definitely want to go back and visit them again soon!

We miss you guys already!!

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  1. So fun!!! So glad you guys had a great trip! Can't wait to see more pics!


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