Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vacation: San Diego II

San Diego was gorgeous. The last time I was there was 10 years ago when my brother graduated from bootcamp.


This adorable little old Asian couple stopped when they saw Evie and asked if she was real. It was so cute! Then the Evie and the lady proceeded to say "HI!" to one another for about 5 minutes. Finally the man said "Ok, that's enough!" I almost died laughing. He was ready to hit the beach!

I just love old people :)

We hit up Old Town..

I must say, it wasn't as hopping and festive as I remember it.. but then again, we chose to go on a Wednesday morning. Still fun to walk around and see everything!

Our little Senorita

Sorry for the grainy iPhone pic. I actually took a ton of pictures with my phone and posted some on the personal blog while we were there. Oh that fandangled technology! :)

I'll have to post some of the good ones at the end of my little vacation series. Cause there just aren't enough pictures here, am I right??

We also visited the Seaport Village area the same day. So pretty! 


  1. I LOVE the San Diego area! The hubs and I have been to La Jolla several times and adore it! By the way...the first pic of Evie is AMAZING! Looks like it was the best family trip!!

  2. She looks so grown up with her little teeth! What a bog girl!!

  3. how cute is her lil outfit~ SD is so my fav--and love the mexican in old town is to die for:)


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