Wednesday, August 14, 2013

feels like home

Ahhhh... much better.

Yesterday I got a little energy back and was able to make a lot of headway in our massive pile 'o stuff in the garage. Though hubby didn't really seem to think it looked any different when he came home. Whatevs. And then on to my favorite part- pulling out all the random décor I've collected over the years to start making this house our home. I've only set out a few things and started on some vignettes- and chances are none of it will stay where it is- but it feels soooo good to do.


  1. That's my favorite part of moving - getting the decor stuff out and playing around with it :) I like what you're doing with the vignettes!

  2. Unpacking with a toddler?? Talk about an uphill battle!! I hope there is wine involved....... And glad you are feeling better!

  3. Ohhh so fun!! But don't you hate it when it looks like you've done nothing all day?! Uggh. I know the feeling. Enjoy your beautiful new home!


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