Saturday, January 16, 2010

Guest Bathroom Facelift: Part 1

I am in the throes of giving our guest bathroom a thorough facelift, and thought I would share my progress in little nips and tucks.

Hehe. Get it? Nips and tucks? Nevermind.

So to get us started, I present you with the Before photos:

Lots of blah and white and blah and some blue in the shower curtain and rug. It was fine, I suppose, but I wanted some zest and spice in our Guest Loo, and that fake plant just wasn't cutting it. I only wish I could have shown you the rubber ducky border that went around the room when we first bought the house, because that really sauced it up. I may or may not have started peeling it off before we actually took possession of the property.. but that's neither here nor there.

So first up?



¡De Colores!

Yeah, yeah, I know that last one is a reach, but I couldn't resist throwing it in there. Hubby likes to exclaim "de colores" with a lot of gusto and sometimes exasperation/frustration/panache at random happenings in our household. Like if he thinks my outfit is particularly hotsy-totsy, or if the dog is driving him crazy.

We don't claim to be culturally correct.

But I digress..


I thought real long and hard about what color to go with and then settled on the can of free paint I scored from Glidden last fall. That free part just tipped me over the edge. Color of choice: Olivewood.

It's a nice, warm, neutral-y, olive color and I'm just tickled pink with how it turned out. Totally transforms the room. What do you think??

(I'm re-reading this, and sheesh, my photography skills are at an all time high. Could these pics be any more boring?? But I am trying to keep it to one little reveal at a time, thus the snore-fest pictures. Hang in there with me- I promise it will get better!)


  1. I love it! I want to hire you! I cannot wait until you showcase Part 2 : )

  2. you crack me up with your is very colorful....and the paint choice...fab

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