Friday, February 15, 2013

friday morning thoughts

These "thoughts" shaped up to be more like random things I thought you should know about, from around the interwebs. Do with that what you will.

Have you guys seen this amazing birth announcement? I think this is hilarious and awesome. This kid is a good sport!

We survived potty training last weekend. Praise Jesus. She's still having accidents here and there, but overall things are a success. I am more than ready to start venturing out of the house again. I feel like I've been trapped within a 30 foot radius of that little white throne for an eternity.

Since we've been home all.week.long, I've been catching up on The Bachelor. Are you guys watching? That Tierra has got to go. And yes, I know she's gone by now, but I'm still a week behind. However, Cup of Jo tipped me off to the fact that Tierra's Eyebrow has a Twitter account!! Hilarious! That thing was SERIOUSLY out of control. How do you not see that in the mirror??


This post had me spitting my coffee across the room. Did you guys ever wear dickies?? So funny.

And finally, a friend shared this amazing video on Facebook. It's heartbreaking and hopeful. Definitely worth watching. There is just something about babies that has always and will forever rip my heart up. And I now want a Dropbox on my house.

Happy Weekend!


  1. "Dickie's" are faux turtlenecks ! I think I still own one, which I never wore .. Cause I hate to wear turtle necks .. So there you have it! Glad potty training wasn't near as intimidating and daunting for you as it first appeared!! Kiddos

  2. Oh, my..that drop box video had me a blubbering mess! Let's make one! What an amazing couple! I too loved that adoption photo with the big kid, hysterical! Evie is such a big girl!

  3. LOVE the birth announcement and yay for successful potty training! :)


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