Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beckett :: Two Months

This big guy is 2 months old!
He has changed sooo much in the past month. I feel like that tiny, delicate newborn-ness is already starting to wear off. Sniff sniff. I think it's because he's such a big eater and is filling out nicely. I stinking love him.
Beck continues to be his daddy's little doppelganger. It amazes me sometimes. He just looks like a little man! In the past week and a half he has really started focusing in on us, tracking me across the room and hamming it up. We can get smiles pretty easily and I can't wait until I hear those first sweet little laughs. He is such a doll!
And as much as he looks like daddy, he looooves his mama. :) I'm not complaining.
This weekend we tried a bottle for the first time and he did great! Nothing like his sister (who straight up boycotted). I think it's because he takes a paci. And he just likes to eat.
His 2 month appointment is tomorrow, so I'll update his stats after that. Can't wait to see how much he's grown! He seems long to me and he has most definitely been gaining weight like a champ. I've already had to put away the newborn sleepers.

 We love you little buddy, and couldn't imagine our family without you! 


  1. Haaa! He is his dad's twin! So glad he is such a happy baby!! Can't wait to see him!!! Xo!!

  2. Holy Dimples, Batman!!! How is he already two months old?? He is just so adorable!!! It's no wonder you are so smitten! :)

  3. he's adorable! a love bug for sure!!!!


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