Friday, August 29, 2014

Beckett :: Three Months

Our boy is 3 months old today!
This past month has been so much fun. About two or three weeks ago, Beck really started cooing and talking to us a TON! He wakes up so happy and talkative each day and really gets chatty when he's getting his diaper changed or about halfway through a nursing session. It's so sweet. He'll stop once he's eaten some, look up at me and give a big grin and start cooing at me. Melts my heart every time!
Brother hates tummy time, but has a very strong neck, just like his sister did. He still loves to be swaddled and I continue to be his most favorite person in the world. :) I definitely think his eyes will end up brown, which I love. We'll see about his hair! I love it dark, but wouldn't be surprised if it lightens up. This baby is just the sweetest thing in the world. He is so content to hang out and watch his sister play. He mainly only cries when he's hungry and tired. It's so sad and pitiful when he gets worked up. We try not to laugh!
this is my serious face.
 We feel so blessed by this boy and can't imagine our family without him. And is it just me, or is soooo handsome??? :)
We love you to the moon and back Beckett Boy!



  1. Could he be any cuter??? Seriously he is Sooooooo adorable!! So happy for you guys!!


  2. Um,'s not just you.....that sweet bebe is haaaaaand-sooooom!!! Those sweet cheeks are so adorable! And I love his eyes! Good thing I live far away, because if I ever met that sweet boy I might just eat him up!! (Can you tell I love baby boys?!?!?) :)


  3. Yes he is a beautiful & handsome young man!

  4. He is just beyond precious! Love him so much!!


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