Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stars and Stripes

A few weeks ago, hubby mentioned he would like to get an American Flag to hang outside of our house. Truthfully, my first gut reaction was "ehhhhh... I don't know about that.."

See, when I think of any sort of flag hanging off the front of a home, I picture pastel bunny rabbits and Easter eggs... large turkeys with Pilgrim hats... IT'S A GIRL... goofy looking jack-o-lanterns.. you get the idea.

In my personal opinion, displaying one of these theme-type flags to denote the season or a holiday is basically the equivalent of putting your house in a red sweater vest with little christmas trees hanging off and the words PEACE ON EARTH embroidered across the back under a patchwork dove.

And then sending it off to substitute teach all the 3rd grade houses.

(No personal offense to teachers OR flag lovers).

You see my dilemna. One misplaced piece of yard art and my street cred is out the window.

But since then he's mentioned it a few other times and the idea has had time to roll around in my head. And I've been noticing lots of homes that do have American flags out front. And I like it. So this week we decided to get one. We had only checked one or two places when I came across this guy at a thrift/antique store:

He immediately called to me from the little display, and being the in-tune shopper that I am, I snapped him up.

I love the fact that it's old and imperfect and made from cloth. He's got character, unlike some of the vinyl varieties that we saw at Lowe's. Plus, he's a little bit sassy. He likes to whip around in the hot breeze and show off his long stripes and twinkly stars.

I love it.

And so I am very glad that we can show our patriotism this Fourth of July by proudly displaying the American flag. I'm really glad we have this holiday to remind us of the freedoms that we are so blessed to have by living in the USA. Freedoms we take for granted every day, but that many people have died to uphold, and many others have died trying to attain.

Aren't you PROUD to be an American?? I am!

Now go forth and eat cobbler and corn on the cob and an ungodly number of hot dogs. Just remember, today of all days is a good one to lay off the hairspray. One close call with a sparkler is guaranteed to ruin your night!

Oooh, oooh!! And a quick shout-out to Mrs. Cammie P!!



  1. I am impressed with the photos. And, I died laughing -- sweater vests. You are so right!

  2. Thanks Aja!! You are so sweet (and patriotic, of course). I had to work the 4th, that is why I didn't call ya back... but I appreciate the call and the shout-out :)


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