Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Your Royal AWESOMEness

Yeah, that's right kids- ME!

I have been so graciously dubbed Queen of Awesome by my friend Katie over at It's in the Details.

(Go check out her blog RIGHT NOW! Yes, I am feeling a little bossy this morning, but I have just been named Queen and I think I need to make up for lost time.)

I have to say, upon reading the news of my coronation, I pushed aside my "aww, shucks" grin and immediately went in to full-on Queen Mode.

I have been strutting around with my coffee and my chin in the air, giving scornful looks to the unmade bed, dirty dishes and wilted plants. Ungrateful subjects!

I've also already taught my dog to address me as "Your Highness." I'm contemplating some sort of a jester outfit on him to really seal the deal...

And strangely enough, I feel a new, deeper connection to Ron Burgundy.

"I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal"

This award and appointment also really appeals to my competitive side. I'm not sure if any of you knew this or not but I LOVE to win. I'm not athletic or into sports necessarily (it just wouldn't befit a queen), but take me bowling or get out the cards or scrabble board and I am ON. My husband (who is also fiercely competitive) and I nearly broke up after one maddening game of scrabble. But I WON! (Sorry babe!)

(Is it just me or do I have like, a million things in parenthesis in this post???)

Okay, back to business! Due to my Awesomeness, I must tell you 7 things that make me truly awesome. Here goes nothin':

1. I am married to a stud.

Here he is, doing what else?
Just WINNING a very competitive game of ladder ball.

2. I can make Grandma's tortillas.

And I mean make them gooooood. We could live off of these babies.

(Full post on these will come, oh I don't know, at some point during my reign)

3. I am a bargain hunter
No joke- half of my house has been furnished from craigslist, TJ Maxx, hand-me-downs and a variety of thrift stores. Or I made it with my own two hands. I could say it's because I'm green and trying to use repurposed old objects or because I am currently unemployed and trying to stretch my dollar.. but really it comes down to the fact that I am awesome. And I love the thrill of a great piece at half the price. Plus, you would never know it by looking. Come over some time and check it out!

4. My most loyal subject is this guy:

That dumb stuffed otter thought he could attack me?? Not so fast!

5. I have awesome siblings!

And soon, the sassy little gal on the left will be joining the ranks as my sister-in-law!
Woo hoo!!

6. I have been able to recite the alphabet backwards.. since the 3rd grade.
Frank, a tall black kid in my class, doubted my abilities. But lo and behold, we had an assembly that very afternoon and when they asked if anyone thought they could manage this great feat, my hand shot up like a rocket! And there, before the entire elementary school, I felt the clean rush of VICTORY.

7. I am a sharpshooter.

No, I have not heard from the FBI, the NRA or even our local police department. Yet during this, my first ever experience shooting a fire arm, I NAILED IT. Right through the bulls eye, baby!

There you have it folks! Seven reasons why I am the Queen of Awesome :)

Thanks Katie!!

Now, as I am still relatively new to blogging, I don't really have any other blogger friends to pay this Awesomeness forward to... The Pioneer Woman is definitely awesome, and so is Centsational Girl...

Who else in blog-land is awesome?? Help me out folks, I need more awesome cyber friends!


  1. Found you from Katie's blog...she's right - you're too funny! Love your blog. :)

  2. Whoa! Look at you with the gun! OMG, why have we not had a fiesta at your house? I am dying for those tortillas!!!!

  3. daughter, sounds like and looks like suzy homemaker has nothin on you! oh goodie.....could you please put a photo of ne in my "lonely" & empty
    little peoples will know what your birth ma looks like...seeing i'm not as savy on this here hi tech gagget.

  4. I love the pic of Duke attacking the otter, such a good gaurd dog!


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