Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Festivities

So I thought I would do a post this season about all my fantabulous Christmas decorations, from the finely strung twinkle lights gracing the outside of our house.. to the gorgeously glam, self-chopped evergreen tree from our backyard, with it's individually place tinsel.. to my magazine-worthy fireplace mantel and winter wonderland themed dining room.
Yeeeahhhhhh.... Not. So. Much.

We finally got around to pulling out my skinny, little (fake) Christmas Tree from Target, along with the rest of our Christmas decorations last Saturday evening. I started out with great expectations for how the night would go.. I had the fireplace ablaze, my favorite Christmas movie was on (White Christmas), and I was happily wrapping presents while hubby attempted to assemble the tree.

Let me say here, that I could probably have whipped that baby together and had her up in a matter of minutes. With my eyes closed. I bought the tree sometime in college, so by my calculations, have put it up for at least the last 6 or 7 years. I could count ours as my longest relationship to date (Sorry babe).

But I was busy wrapping and hubs wanted to do it. So two hours later (kidding, kidding), the tree is up and we have successfully strung some multi-colored lights.

And this is where our little night of decorating takes an ugly turn. No, no, nothing untoward happened.. basically I pulled out all of the ornaments and laid them out across the coffee table, then proceeded to take a break and chow down on the yummy pizza hubby had brought home. The carb overload got the best of me, and the rest of the night's activities could really only fall under the category of me laying around getting "Fat & Sassy." Hubs eventually threw everything back into the box and squirreled it away in our 3rd bedroom with all the other needless junk we must never get rid of. For some reason, his tolerance level for half finished projects laying around the house is much, much lower than mine...

So here is what I have to share with you lovelies:

1. A dinky Christmas tree that, I think I've decided, will not have a single ornament hung from it's branches this year. I'm over it.

2. Some nicely wrapped gifts, with purple post-it notes on them for tags. Yes, yes, I will eventually put on real tags- I do have some standards!

And that's it. We do have lights up outside, and of course our stockings are hung, but beyond that... meh. I must say, I do feel a tad bit guilty about the lack of festiveness in our house this year, but we aren't having any guests or parties and I think our 10 kids will work it out down the line in group therapy.



We don't have 10 kids, and so, the only one who might actually be affected is this guy, and I think he looks pretty content.

How are your decorations coming along?? They can't be any worse than this!


  1. I seriously wondered for a minute if you had cut a tree in your backyard. I have never been out there and was impressed! ; ) At least your gifts stay wrapped. I apparently bought the world's least sticky scotch tape and every gift under my tree is open. Nice.

  2. That's okay, at least you'll have a super cool holiday card to send out!! Can't wait! :)

  3. We have a little skinny tree but I love it because it's small enough to leave together and store in the attic. I got everything out this year just to have to move it all when we started this little remodel project so things are not looking quite so festive anymore. Oh well...there's always next year!

  4. You are SO funny!! I like your little tree and think it looks great without ornaments, so I say you're good to go. And at least you've wrapped gifts too!!

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