Friday, February 19, 2010

Guest Bathroom Facelift: Part 4.. The Reveal


She's finally done!

You are all now officially invited to come over and inspect our loo..

(click on the picture to see close-ups.. safe to say I am loving my new camera)

A few things..
I spray painted the cabinet knobs with brushed nickel to match our light fixture. Easy fix, but took me a solid 2 weeks with our little cold snap. I found the white shower mat at Target on clearance for 6 buckaroos. Score! My good friend S gave me the linen-look fabric for my DIY shower curtain. Total score. And yes, I used curtain clips to attach it to the rod. I'm loving the fullness of the curtain in there.

Visit Part 1 to see befores of our guest bathroom.


  1. Um, not only am I super-impressed with your bathroom, but your picture taking skills are pretty good, too. : )

  2. It turned out very nice. Love the way you collaged the photos too!

  3. Um, hello! Just wanted to introduce myself as the famous Follower 19. Can't wait to get inspired by your lovelies!


  4. You did an amazing job! now follower #20 ;+)

  5. Great bathroom, I really like the number art! Thanks for sharing!


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