Sunday, March 28, 2010


I love spring.
Don't you?

New life, new beginnings.
A clean slate.

I love spring thunderstorms and the moody gray sky right after a downpour.
The hazy light that the clouds cast on everything is dreamy.. especially with little peeks of color that let you know life is about to break free from wintertime..

Our tulip tree started a few weeks ago.
I took these pictures before the last (I hope) winter hurrah blew through last weekend, dumping nearly a foot of snow on us. Ugh.
I'm really hoping they survive it and come back strong. I think they will.

And look at our little hydrangea bushes. I just can't wait for them to bloom.

It makes me so excited to see the green buds peeking out.

Take a look at these babies.
I planted tulips last summer and then dug up the bulbs from a few of the pots and very meticulously (ha!) stored them in a plastic tupperware dish in the garage.

Isn't my thumb green??
I was wholly surprised to see little signs of life:

Today we got outside and did some yard work and I planted them on the side of our house.
I'm really hoping they make it! I love tulips. I'm trying to remember what color they were..
I'm thinking pink.

And this beauty- well I'm just trying to keep her alive.
Much easier said than done, for moi.
I've heard all that nonsense about orchids being very hard to kill, but I've put to rest my fair share of aloe vera and succulents, so I'm not buying it. I'll let you know how it goes.

How's your garden this year?

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