Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jailhouse Rock

So.. minding my own business on a typical Saturday at Casa de Newborn.. you know, feed my daughter, burp, diaper change, put to her to sleep.. pour myself some cereal, go get my crying daughter, feed her, burp, attempt to put her to sleep.. use the restroom, got get my crying daughter, feed her, burp, change diaper, play, try to put her to sleep.. pour milk in my cereal.. Rinse and REPEAT.

Anyway, somewhere in between all of this baby goodness, I get 3 phone calls all day. And who might be calling me? Oh, just Unknown Number. To which I say no thank you. Finally, when my phone rings again after dinner, I say to hubs as I'm looking for my phone, "do we think it's your buddy Unknown Number again??"

And folks, it WAS.

So he decided to answer the phone for me. I have a suspicion it's Pottery Barn's customer service, since they have been trying to track me down for a little survey after our nursery purchases. But they usually call from a 1-800 number and I can put them off for another day. It's not that I have anything bad to say or am ultimately against giving them feedback, but they call at inopportune times, and truthfully, it makes me feel a little powerful to know that I'm keeping a customer service rep from being able to cross me off her list.

Hehe. :)

So anyway, hubby answers the phone, but doesn't say hello or anything and then gets this weird look on his face. "What, WHAT???" I stage whisper. After 30 more seconds or so, he hangs up and tells me what's up: Someone is trying to collect call me from the COUNTY JAIL. And by someone, I mean AN INMATE!

Well isn't this spicy for a Saturday night! (The Aja of 10 or even 2 years ago is dying a little bit at this statement).

Who could possibly be in jail?? Do I know any convict-types?? No, not really... And who could possibly be in jail and decide that, of all people, they should call ME?

Let me insert here, people, that no one should ever call me if they get thrown in the slammer. I believe I told my own husband this a few months into our relationship. (Not that we were worried he would have any run-ins with Johnny Law, but you never know..) I do not keep large sums of cash on my person, and if you want to know the whole truth, I have only used the ATM 2 or 3 times. Seriously. Don't even know my own pin number. So don't try to rob me at gunpoint either, because you'll only come away with about $8 and some hand sanitizer.

So back to deciding who could possibly be calling me.. honestly, the only person I could think of was my sister. (Sorry Morgan!!) And not because she drives too fast or deals drugs or is behind on her taxes or anything. No, no, nothing of the sort! But she's the only person I could possibly come up with who might think to call me if she were in some awful situation like this. And even then, I'm not so sure I would be the first person she'd call..

Anyway, after a fast and furious "you're not in jail, are you??????????" text, a quick search of the inmate log online and a call to her work to track her down, it was decided that she's not the perpetrator. Thank God.

Crisis averted.

But now I'm still a little curious as to who in an orange jump suit is calling me to chat..

Well, if they happen to call again around 3:15am and I'm up feeding Evie, I just might take the call..


  1. OMG this is too funny! This happened to my husband and I a couple months ago. Phone rings, and "Harris County Jail" is on the caller ID and the same announcement comes on. Poor "Justin", whoever he is, cause we don't know, and he may still be in county! Especially since he called about six different times!

    And your account of pouring the cereal and hours later getting to the true!! Welcome to mommy-land!


  2. LOL!! Too funny...I'm curious as to who it was!


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