Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Fun

Evie had a big weekend! On Friday we got dressed up for a little trip to the mall.
And no mall trip would be complete without some ruffles and knit booties...

Then on Saturday, my mom (otherwise known as Grandy) came into town for a visit!

Uncooperative photography subject.

As you can see.. I don't look too much like my mom.. and now my daughter looks nothing like me! Some sort of full circle crap. :)

Actually, I do look like my mom in my features and mannerisms- just not my complexion or at first glance! So maybe Evie will look a little more like me as
she grows..

We had a great visit, complete with bath time.

My mom is planning to start coming down to visit every month, which I love, since I want Evie to know and be close to her. (Hint, hint to my other parents!! You should come down, too!!) I love that my mother-in-law lives here and can help out with Evie, but it makes me sad that she won't get to see my parents as often.

My sweet little girl will be 8 Weeks tomorrow!!


  1. She is so cute Aja! Her little face is really filling out, she's's crazy how much they change from day to day :)

  2. Um, Evie is unrecognizable to just weeks she looks SO different. Adorable!!!

    You are crazy, I think you look just like your mom...until your dad shows up, then you look just like him:).

    Your mom looks great!

  3. Oh my gosh!!!! She is so big and adorable! Your mom is beautiful. Clearly, Evie has great genes.

  4. oh she is a doll girly! love her ruffles and boots! they grow and change so fast don't they!! crazy!

  5. I guess it's only fair to have the "Full circle"! but I'll bet when she gets her will be your mini me!!! :)


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