Saturday, August 6, 2011

Evie Time {Turtle Baby}

So my painfully advanced child has a little secret...

Yes, she's been rolling over for months, sitting up on her own is old hat, she crawls like a champ and pulling up is now all the rage.

But my girl can't roll from her back to her tummy.
Can't. Do it.

We heard a squack in her room this morning, and came in to find her like this. Playtime interrupted by a backwards flail that left her lounging on her back like a sad little turtle on the sidewalk.

See? A sad little turtle on the sidewalk, aka Evie.

Is it wrong that I find this slightly hilarious?? 

Truth be told, I haven't encouraged her to learn this skill very much. Bad mommy. 
She's always been a tummy sleeper, so she's usually only on her back when we're changing her diaper or if I want to lay her down and know she won't go anywhere. And I have CLUNG to that since she's become mobile. 

Is that wrong of me? Eh. Maybe. But I don't think it will leave any lasting scars. 

Seriously, mom, roll me over already.

And yes, I did in fact leave her lying on the floor, helpless, as I ran back out of the room to grab my camera and take these pictures. 

And to get back at me, the little stinker decided that that was the moment she would ROLL OVER.

I kid you not.
I nearly missed it! That stinker! I could hardly believe how perfect it was.


Like I said: painfully advanced.


  1. k this is hilarious--b/c nora is exactly the same way! she refuses to roll from her back to belly--silly chicks!


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