Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tiny Dancer {Nine Months}

Our big girl is 9 months old! 

Doesn't she look so grown up and serious??!! :)

Evie is the sweetest girl.. I am so so blessed every day by her sweet and happy nature. She wakes up as happy as a clam and just brings me such joy all day long!

My little munchkin loves to laugh and make others laugh. She is so quick to smile and be silly.

We don't know where she gets it, but she makes all sorts of noises. Humming, groaning, sniffing, huffing, fake coughing... and she does this sweet little whisper babble that I just love! And all of this is on top of her regular "talking." Sister is a talker. I just love it when she squawks and talks to anything and everything in the room.

Evie's Word of the Month is definitely "Hi" :)
She will raise her arm, point her finger and say HI a million times a day. We love it.
She really does it when Dad comes home from work and any time she sees the dog. Yep. Dada and Duke the dog get major preference over Mama in this arena. Hmph! But it's pretty stinking cute to hear her say "Hi Doo" and wave to the dog.

She'll also share the Hi love with any mirror we pass, random people out and about and babies on the side of diaper boxes.

Evie has been pulling up on everything she can get her hands on. She's taken a step or two from one toy or table to another, but she's not quite cruising around things yet. It won't be long!

And this is something very new.. please take note that she is holding this little remote control toy up to her ear, ala a phone. As mom and dad are rarely on the phone, we blame Grandmommy for this one. ;)

Hi Dada! We want to go shopping! Where did you leave your credit cards???

Okay, okay. But I'm not breaking the news to Mama.

*** This toy is actually our friend Jude's.. he left it at our house months ago and I keep forgetting to return it. Sarah- please don't tell him that Evie's been chewing on it or we might never be invited back to your house!! :)

Busy should be her middle name this month. Into anything and everything! 
Whenever she starts to get into something she's not supposed to I say "Evie" in a certain tone so she'll look at me and tell her "No ma'am." She totally knows what I'm saying she'll usually look at me for a moment and then go back to what she was doing. So I say it again. What's hilarious is that sometimes when I tell her No ma'am or even just say her name in that tone, she'll turn around and look at me and point her finger and squawk. It's hard not to laugh! Such a smart little cookie!

This month has seen lots of big changes! A few other notable things about Evie Girl this month:
she's started feeding herself and feeding mama, sleeping better (longer, more consistent naps and down to only one night feeding! Hallelujah!), playing harder, loves to kick kick kick her legs (in the pool, when you're holding her, when she nurses), she loves to read books, and loves it when I sing to her. 

She toughed out the shot at her 9 month appointment like a champ. And at only 16lbs, our little love bug is still on the teeny side. 

I just love it.


  1. I can't believe she is nine months!!! That flew! She is so cute and I bet her saying "hi" is just priceless!!!

  2. She is such a doll!! When they start talking to people when out of the house is the cutest!! Alex is all about saying "thank you sir/ thank you ladies" and it always gets a killer response.....which is awesome because he probably destroyed something where we were leaving from that hadn't been found yet.


  3. I love her! She is growing up so fast, and is such a pretty little lady!

  4. ah--i hate that out lil chicks are getting big! no!! she is so pretty--love her curly locks:)


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