Tuesday, September 4, 2012

on my list.

After a long weekend away, I always feel a little discombobulated. Do you? Laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning up.. all the things I feel like I just did before we left. Somehow they are back at the top of the list again. How does that happen?

Anyway. We had a nice, relaxing time with my family this weekend. A few events and get-togethers on the schedule, but still plenty of down time to just lay around and relax. A lot of times, I feel very rushed when we go to my hometown. There are a lot of people we want to see and spend time with, and it's easy to get stretched a bit too thin. Especially with a wee one.

Speaking of my girl- she was in rare form. Such a sweet, content little traveler (hallelujah!), and life of each and every party. I'm not sure if there's something in the water up there, or if she was just reveling in all of the excitement and extra people around, but she was literally bouncing off the walls most nights.

I'm just so happy that she dives right in and makes herself comfortable. There is very little apprehension or lag time when we visit. She makes herself right at home!

But back to my list... here are a few things I need to get accomplished in the near future. Wish me luck!

  • Sign up for the fall Strolling Moms
  • Grandparents Day cards/gifts (see what we made last year, here)
  • Meal plan & shop for the week
  • Return some items to TJ Maxx
  • Sign Evie up for gymnastics (finally!)
  • Start working on reupholstering a pair of Bergere chairs (don't worry- I'll share pics!)
  • Pack up clothes Evie's grown out of :(
  • Write an update in her baby book
  • Organize my craft room/office space. Oh, and the garage.
  • Make & share another fun Evie video
  • Do a little fall clothing shopping (I'd like to bump this up to the top of the list!)
  • Organize/plan for the holiday Vintage Market Days

SO. What's on your list these days?  Does a long weekend make you feel all itchy and behind like it does me?

wedding photo booth fun.

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  1. Ah yes, totally know how you feel! It's " gymnastics" getting it all back in order ... Really fast.. Makes you glad for your own home & your own routine!!


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