Thursday, September 20, 2012

Project 52:38 {friends}

thankful for...

It's so much fun watching your little one bond and play with your friends' little ones. I love that she is already forming friendships and gets excited to play with each of them.

When we do prayers at bedtime, I'll often say "Thank you for mommy, thank you for daddy.." etc. And she will always chime in with a few of her friends' names. And sometimes their moms. :)

I'm so thankful for these sweet moments between little people. The interaction, the conversation and facial expressions. I want to bottle it all up.

As an adult, I realize more and more how important our friendships become. I pray she makes good friends- with people who encourage her, lift her up and support her, pray for her and make her laugh. And I pray that she is always a good friend to those around her.

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